60 options, what to ask a guy I like to make him talk

Can you imagine having the facility to talk with the boy you like? You just have to be interesting and fun. What to ask a guy I like to gain his interest? There are topics that can arouse their curiosity and you just have to provoke them.

1.- For a boy to be interested in you, put yourself in sympathy mode

What to ask a guy to get his attention? More than the questions if what matters is your emotional state. Only talk to that guy that you like if you feel very emotionally comfortable.

Most of the communication you want to achieve is in your body language. What to ask a guy I like ? Here are the questions, you need to put a good dose of optimism.

1. Is there something you would never do again?

2. What is better for you, to be smarter or to be happier?

3. What would you do over and over again?

4. Do you remember why you cried the last time?

5. Do you remember the last time you did something with great fear?

6. Have you ever done something that surprised your parents?

7. What do you think is your worst habit?

8. Is there a super power that you would like to have for a day?

9. What do you think is your best habit?

10. Is there a fictional person you fantasize about?

2.- What to ask a guy I like to impress him?

The point of these questions is not to question you. You don’t have to ask a lot of questions, just a few to get him to talk animatedly.

In each of these questions to talk with someone you like you have to put your personal touch. Joke, laugh, answer a question yourself, look him in the eye, etc.


11. Would you like to live in a special place in the world?

12. Do you have a habit that seems strange to you?

13. Who knows you best, your parents or a friend?

14. What do you like to do after studying?

15. How would you describe yourself?

16. Is there a book that you would read again?

17. What TV program do you consider to be the best?

18. How do you think your best friend would describe you?

19. Is there a movie that you would like to see again?

20. Is there someone you would like to take to see your best movie?

3.- Tell him something of yours about what you are going to ask him

Some of these questions that you can ask that special boy can be the beginning of a beautiful story. That man can be your potential partner or a good lifelong friend.

When there is something to talk about, people tend to strengthen their ties of friendship or love. It does not have to be a coincidence that something to talk about arises, you can provoke him with these questions.

21. Can you say of any year that it was your best year?

22. If you could talk to your inner child, what advice would you give him?

23. What do you prefer, ask permission or ask for forgiveness?

24. What experiences give you the most satisfaction?

25. Is there anything you would like to do to feel worth living?

26. Do you prefer love or money in abundance?

27. If life were to end in a week, what would you do?

28. What is the song you listen to the most?

29. What do you prefer, holidays on the beach or in the mountains?

30. If you met a child prodigy, what advice would you give him?

4.- Learn to be tolerant with the answers you don’t like

Many times I don’t know what to ask a guy I like but I have expectations about his answers. Some women tend to end everything because the answers upset them.

A person is not just one aspect of your life. You may not like several of their opinions, but maybe the whole is really hopeful. Therefore, do not go ahead in qualifying it.


31. Would you trade your life with a celebrity?

32. Would you like to win the lottery for something special?

33. For what particular cause would you like to be a powerful person?

34. Imagine that you are a famous singer, what would your next album be called?

35. What movie star would you like to spend a day with?

36. Do you have any embarrassing stories that your friends like to tell?

37. What is your favorite food prepared by your mother?

38. What is the seasoning that you always want in your food?

39. How many people would you like to invite to your next birthday party?

40. Do you still remember your worst moment of your life?

5.- If you want deeper experiences in your life …


Be you who gives depth to all the superficial things about the boy you like. A man is compatible with you not because he satisfies all your reasoning, but because he makes you laugh with him.

I don’t know what to ask a guy I like to get him interested in me. Take an interest in the things he does and the questions will come up promptly.

41. What weird thing would make you break up with your girlfriend right away?

42. Is there a fictional character that reminds you of yourself?

43. Do you think you have good luck?

44. Are you still watching your favorite show as a child?

45. The strangest thing about a person that you found attractive?

46. ​​If you were a fictional character, what would you like to be? ´

47. Is there a dance you would like to be famous with?

48. Something that you are very superstitious about?

49. A terrifying experience you have had?

50. A romantic scene that you would like to experience?

6.- Tell him about his favorite artists and personals


For a man to be interested in you, to even fall in love, tell him about what he is passionate about. Of everything he likes, what do you like?

I found something to ask a guy I like now what do I do? Adapt your query to the things that interest him.

51. With which singer would you like to sing a duet?

52. An invention in which you would like to have collaborated?

53. Which superstar would you like to have a romance with for a weekend?

54. If you were a politician, why would you like to be remembered for social work?

55. Is there a cheesy song that you know by heart?

56. Did you learn a poem to make a girl fall in love?

57. Have you ever had no choice but to lie?

58. Work on what you hate and earn a lot or work on what you love and earn little?

59. A historical figure with whom you would like to have dinner?

60. The most famous woman that you would like to fall in love with?