64 short text messages for your boyfriend who will always reply

The fact that he is already your boyfriend does not mean that you no longer have to make him fall in love. Try the following short text messages for your boyfriend. He will always be attentive and will not stop thinking about you. Every time he will feel more in love with you.

Although he is busy he will never leave you in sight with these love messages for your boyfriend. They can even make him fall in love more, because he will always be interested. This is because they are aimed at your instincts for procreation and loving enjoyment.

1.- I just woke up, I dreamed of you in such a beautiful way and I miss you

With a text message like this on your cell phone, you want to know more, how was your dream? He will be very intrigued and will answer you right away. It will also make him feel how much you think of him and love him.


These text messages for my boyfriend can get me to reply: Was it good, fair or bad? What were we doing, do you like me? Other pretty text messages for my boyfriend.

– Last night I don’t know how you got to my dream, it was very nice, now I just want you to stay

– Dreaming about you was so special, but I know that the road will not be easy, but it will be worth it with you

– Although we have little time, I already dream of you, I like it and I feel happy with you

– This is the first time that I dream of you and I am already thinking about my future with you

– In my dream I was so angry with you that when you ask me for a kiss I will give you two

– During my nap I dreamed of you caressing me and now I feel like a volcano

– In my dream you killed me with kisses, now I want to die on your lips

2.- Short text messages for your boyfriend: I studied, now I want to be distracted


When you write texts of love messages for your boyfriend on your cell phone, do it from your feelings. Some sincere words with love open the option that he wants to help you, be with you.

Think about what happens to you and you feel like text messages to make your boyfriend fall in love on the cell phone. He will want to be with you, and to be more forceful send him a wink and a kiss.

– Now that I finish studying I am thinking about you and how to distract myself

– The most beautiful thing about completing my studies is that I will be able to spend more time with you

– Guess what I thought with you while studying, fall into your arms

– Do you know why I study? Because I learned that loving is looking together in the same direction

– Your love inspires me, motivates me and that is why I study better, now I want your kisses

– I’m already finishing studying, I miss you, I want your kisses that drive me crazy

– Feel that you are by my side while I study, motivating me, what more can I ask for

3.- I want to see a movie, but I want you to choose it, because …

The best thing about short text messages for your boyfriend is that they are vague and ambiguous. From this momo he has the freedom to think of you as he likes, without pressure.

The following love messages for your boyfriend that you love him will make him respond with his ideas. The short text messages for your boyfriend can be the perfect excuse for an intimate encounter.

– Your love inspires me, your tenderness moves me, so much that I want to see a movie with you

– I don’t know if it’s love, but now I want you to choose our next movie to move us together

– Do you know what I thought while we watched that movie? In how I want our love story to be

– I have gotten used to seeing movies in your arms, now choose one and we continue

– I would love a movie with our love story, how would you like it to start?

– I need you close, stroking your hair, seeing something cute, feeling your scent

– You came into my life as if nothing had happened, now you are the protagonist of my love story

4.- Love messages for your boyfriend: Thinking of you with this song

With your cell phone you can send many short text messages for your boyfriend . But don’t be so heavy. Better to be very subtle. Look at the following short love messages for my boyfriend.

When your messages of love for your boyfriend that you miss are more authentic they will be more effective. That is why it is important that you mention things that lived and how you feel.

– Listen to a song and think about your love, your kisses and caresses

– This song tells our love story

– I’m listening to the most beautiful song about us

– Listening to this song I have missed you, you do not know how

– Love, what I have thought with you listening to this song

– You imagine a romantic place, you and me together and this song

– Listen to this song and you will know why we are for each other

5.- Short love messages for my boyfriend that I love him: I remembered you

When you write to her cell phone it is important that your messages are very short. Use the following short text messages for your boyfriend for something personal inspiration.

Imagine writing the following text messages on your cell phone to surprise you at work or where you are. It can be the beginning of a romantic plan.

– I spend a couple kissing very happy and I remembered you

– Suddenly I remembered what you proposed to me last night

– I’m at my job and I can only think of you

– Looking at yesterday’s photo and you don’t know what I think

– I already thought about it, but only because I love you

– This song reminds me of yesterday

– The best of our love is what I’m remembering now

6.- A friend gives a party for her first month of girlfriend, do we confirm to go?

An event can be an excuse for some creative text messages for my boyfriend. For a friend to celebrate her first month of girlfriend is not very common and attracts attention.

– I want to be with you where they celebrate love

– Can you imagine my friend celebrating her first month of love?

– I want to make plans to celebrate our love, are you coming?

– Do you want to go back to that place where we laugh like crazy?

– I’m thinking about how to celebrate our love

– My friend says that we make a nice couple and she invited us

– Can you imagine our first month engaged

7.- Text message to make your boyfriend fall in love: I have the house alone

Each of these short text messages to your boyfriend are intended to improve communication. Because it is these little details that build a good love relationship.

A healthy relationship always exchanges romantic details. That’s the whole point of these cute short text messages for my boyfriend.

– Hello my love, whatever you can think of, I have the house alone

– Can you imagine the TV and the whole house alone this weekend?

– I have a plan, this Saturday the house is alone for both of us

– In a minute there are 60 fantasies with you and I have the house alone

– My plan was not to fall in love, just to take advantage of the fact that we were alone

– I love it when we are alone and our love becomes infinite

– In this life there is time for everything, but only today we have the house alone

8.- Text messages for my boyfriend who I miss him: Without you I’m bored

Keep in mind that the important thing about these short text messages for your boyfriend is that you get him to respond. So write on your cell phone when you want to start a small chat.

They can be short messages of love for my boyfriend who is far away. That way you make him feel how much you think about him and keep him in mind.

– I realize how much I love you when I miss you in this way

– After that day, I miss you every time I’m alone

– Listening to our favorite song, how boring not to be with you

– I love being alone, but now I miss that spontaneous way of kissing me

– Since you have gotten into my dreams I love your crazy way of kissing

– With you the diary of my life are moments, I miss the next

– I love when a simple caress of your hand becomes divine

Each of the previous short love messages for your boyfriend can be accompanied by an image. Your photo making a gesture can be a perfect complement.

After all, every single short text message to your boyfriend is for him to imagine. You only need to write on your cell phone to achieve a greater love connection with that man you like.