7 attentions that show your love to your partner

As in all couples, you would like to be able to show your partner regularly how much you love her. But as in all couples, you find that it can sometimes be difficult to do it, and yet, simple attitudes, or small gestures can sometimes say much more than a long speech … So if you want to repeat all your love for your other half while avoiding redeclaring an “I love you” for the 5th time of the day, here is something to inspire you with these 7 attentions which show all your love to your partner!

1 / Be grateful and admiring

Arguably one of the most difficult things to do when a couple lasts. Little by little you get used to it and you take many things for granted. Your darling cooks you a good little meal, you take out the trash, he/she washes your bathroom? In one direction as in the other, know how to reinstate the “thank you” within your couple! It is much more pleasant to note that his little attentions as well as yours, do not go unnoticed!

2 / Give yourself a little distance

The distance will allow the two of you to take a break. To decompress and fully enjoy activities that you enjoy and that you cannot always do together. And then rediscover the joy and pleasure of coming together!

However, so often this need for solitude and distance is felt by one or both of the partners, this is not expressed. For fear of hearing yourself answer ”  you don’t love me anymore, you don’t want us to spend time together?” “. While this is completely false! Treat yourself and your darling to a separate holiday, you will do both a great service!

3 / Do him a favor

But not just any service, no. Offer to do a regular task that puts them off. Whether it’s cleaning the siphon in the shower, taking out the trash, hanging the linen, or taking the dog out in the middle of winter… In short, if you start to do it for him without asking anything in return, no doubt he/she will greatly appreciate the attention. And return it to you by taking care of the things you don’t like to do.

4 / Forget your phone when you’re together

There is nothing worse than spending time with your darling to find that he/she is just looking at his smartphone … One of the worst enemies of the 21st-century couple! So on your side, before gently asking him to stop geeking on it permanently, make sure you yourself are flawless!

If you were more the type of being unable to spend 5 minutes without going to Whatsapp, Snapchat, Messenger, Insta or any other app, your partner will greatly appreciate the efforts you make! So give the two of your respective batteries a vacation.

5 / argue, but do it well

Disputes are a must for the couple. A step-through that you will go if this is not yet the case. So there is no point in trying to avoid it. On the other hand, it can be very judicious, and very attentive, to do it “good”.

The art of argument is difficult to master, of course. But this requires a few simple tips to implement: no insults, no personal injury, or past resentments that have nothing to do with the present conflict, no taking on a third party, etc… If your argument is healthy, your reconciliation will never be far away!

6 / Know how to listen when he/she complains

Did your darling have a hard day? Very often he/she will need to express it. And highly appreciate that you are there for him/her in these times. Even if you had better things to do. Put yourself in active listening mode, and try to comfort your other half. He/she will return the favor for sure when it’s your turn!

7 / Try to organize your schedule

To coordinate it and thus be able to spend more privileged time together. Because, and even if it may seem banal, it is important for a couple to share their meals, to go to bed together, etc … Who does not love having his hug in the evening just before falling asleep?