7 flirting techniques to conquer a woman

Dredge everything that moves with our flawless techniques!

Well, flirting is not something innate, it can be learned. When it comes to approaching a girl, you know a few techniques, but unfortunately, they don’t really work anymore, because many girls know them by heart. What if you try other ways to approach women that rely on spontaneity and surprise? Here are the methods that work. Guys, they are tested and approved!

1.Use your gaze

When you make your target, nothing better than playing cat and mouse for more suspense. Keep your eyes on her to catch her eye, and smile mischievously while playing the inaccessible, because that’s the miracle recipe. Chat with other women, it will arouse his curiosity, a behavior that will necessarily work in your favor. In his eyes, you will be both this mysterious and irresistible man.

2. be discreet

If you find yourself one-on-one with your loved one, casually physical contact will boost your luck. You have chosen to invite her to dinner, touch her hand when you take your glass of wine. If you’ve opted for a movie night, brush her thigh when you dig into popcorn. These signs, she could not miss them, moreover, they will convey the message that you like her.

3. find a matchmaker

If approaching a woman paralyzes you, ask a friend of yours to play the matchmaker, but be careful, this can backfire as they may get together. So, ask a trusted pal to organize a party or cocktail party where he will only say praise about you to the girl. This technique is a good way to meet people, without having to get your hands dirty and forget your shyness a little.

4. don’t skimp on compliments

For a successful pickup, you have to be classy, ​​subtle, and elegant instead of being heavy and painful. Women prefer compliments because it values ​​them so, go for it. Don’t just focus on her cleavage, tell her that she has beautiful eyes, that her fit suits her perfectly or that her dress brings out her figure well. Guys, just be a gentleman, and you will have all the girls you want!

5. be romantic

Romanticism has always been topical when it comes to seduction, and it is all the rage with women. Whether you flirt with dating or face to face, a bouquet of flowers, a handwritten letter declaring your love, or a poem is always worth the effort. These small romantic gestures, no matter how small, will touch them directly to the heart.

6. go for dating sites

You don’t have the time to go out to bars or nightclubs to flirt with you, opt for dating sites. They can become a valuable ally in your quest for girls. What differentiates them from ordinary encounters are the codes of seduction. However, you must arm yourself with patience otherwise your search will be unsuccessful. If you want to have a lot of suitors, take care of your profile by putting photos that showcase you, and arouse their curiosity, but do not reveal yourself too quickly. Emphasize the discussion on your common points without forgetting a little touch of humor.

7.Poke on Facebook

Social media is undeniably the fastest way to meet people, because everyone uses it, especially girls. They even replace traditional dating sites. A few clicks are enough to discover the profile of your target. There, you have the choice between sending him a private message or a “poke”, a wink on Facebook. The more pokes you send, the more your chances of having nice surprises will be multiplied.