7 great ideas for a date

The outcome of a love story depends on the date, so you have to be sure!

Yes, the first time you saw each other it was love at first sight. Carried away by the feeling, without even having spoken with him, you already thought it was good. But before spinning the perfect love, there is still the final step: the date. It is during this first date that you will begin to know yourself, and you have only two possible outcomes: success or failure. To help you secure a date and to avoid regretting leaving the house, here are some tips.

1.Always have a plan B

During a date, when silence begins to take place instead of laughter and discussions, you have to realize that it is a crappy date. There is no osmosis, and there is nothing exceptional between you two. To put an end to it and so that the discomfort does not last too long, send the top to your girlfriend, the one who is just waiting for your text to call you and get you out of there. It’s pretty bad, but it’s effective as a plan B.

2.Opt for a strategic location

The choice of where to meet should be up to you because by knowing where you are going to meet, you can take the lead if things go wrong. A bar or a small restaurant near your house would be ideal, so if the whites reign supreme, you can come home without the guy having to accompany you. It will also prevent you from spending even more time with him in the car, a real torture!

3. make time to get to know him well

You are used to flirting on the net, because it saves you time, but you shouldn’t get carried away very quickly. Before you agree to a date, make sure you really like the guy. To avoid disappointment, ask him for a photo, on a reference stand, because once in front of him, you can’t go back, you have to assume. So take the front by checking the merchandise well.

4. take a social media tour

You just met him on social networks, you made an appointment the next day. Before you start, take a quick tour of his profile. It will save you an unnecessary trip in case he is already in a relationship and appears publicly with his girlfriend. Certainly, a few clicks are enough to reassure you.

5. Make the right choice of discussion topics

The person you are on a date with does not know you yet, so choose the topics carefully. To avoid ruining everything, you must imperatively forget all the subjects that affect your exes. You are here to find love so bury your old relationships six feet underground. Also forget politics, marriage, and family life so as not to scare him away. Otherwise, you can talk a bit about everything.

6 avoid places that are too romantic

It’s true that you are there to seek love, but a romantic place for a first date is a terrible idea. You will have to put up with the couples who are in love around you, and not being in love yet, the conditions will surely make you so uncomfortable that you will no longer dare to look your suitor in the face.

7.Be natural, and don’t ask yourself too many questions

If you ask yourself too many questions before going on a date, it could affect your behavior. Also, do not prepare what you are going to say otherwise it would be like doing a recitation. If you probably don’t want a missed date then be natural, and let yourself be carried away by the present moment. What happens next will be entirely up to you two and not just you so stop wondering.