7 Healthy Relationship Tricks That Work!

If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your bonds with your boyfriend for a lasting relationship, your search ends here!

These relationship tricks that are only good for both of you will make your relationship stronger than ever.

Just as a garden needs soil, water, and sun, your relationship needs hard work, special care, and attention.

When you put the right tactics in place, your relationship becomes stronger, healthier, and more vibrant.

Even if you improve in some areas like communication and problem solving, you will give your love life a positive boost.

That’s why we’re bringing you healthy relationship hacks that can transform your dating life.

These love tricks cannot be seen as quick fixes.

The perspectives we share are enduring. If you put them into practice, your relationship will be stronger than ever.

Unlike other baseless tips, our list provides you with long-term solutions and tips for relationship problems.

We’ve included romantic tricks, life-together tactics, and some of the simpler gestures.

Even if you are not currently in a relationship, these tricks will set you up for success in the future.

We’re excited to share these 7 healthy relationship hacks with you!

Relationship Trick Number 1: Genuinely Apologize And Be Specific.

You can usually tell when you’re getting a false apology.

When this happens, it seems like the other person doesn’t understand why you’re angry or why they’re apologizing.

When this happens, the fight usually continues because the apology was offered but didn’t get to the issue that’s been bothering you.

Because of this, forgiveness and healing of a wound, whatever its size, does not happen as long as a sincere apology is made.

That’s why it’s most effective for you to be totally genuine and specific when you’re offering an apology to your boyfriend or husband.

When you’re apologizing, show why you’re regretting it and exactly what you’re feeling bad about, sorry, and apologizing for.

By sharing these details, you’re telling your boyfriend that you understand his side of the story and that you care a lot about his feelings.

It’s best to avoid justifying why you did something or why you said something he didn’t like.

When you rationalize your actions or words, you take away the value of your apology.

After you offer a sincere and detailed apology, communication opens up again because respect reigns between the couple.

This love trick of sincerely apologizing can make all the difference.

Relationship Trick Number 2: Remember You’re On The Same Team.

While it may seem natural and obvious that a couple is on the same team, this is sometimes incredibly difficult to practice.

Even when your husband shows a simple reaction, you may start to think you are on separate teams.

Deep down you know he wants the best for you, but it’s hard to see that when he’s criticizing you — regardless of whether it’s a small or a huge criticism.

When you show your reactions to your partner, keep in mind that you are both on the same team.

If at any point your partner gets defensive, you can even choose to say, “I’m on your side” or “we’re on the same team.”

Saying those words out loud is a relationship trick that reminds both of you that above all else, you both love each other and want help together to be happy.

Remembering that you are on the same side is also helpful when you are getting a reaction from your partner.

Instead of taking his reaction personally and getting defensive, you can remind yourself that your partner wants the best for you and he is also on your side.

If you live far away from your partner, knowing that the two of you are on the same team is crucial.

This relationship trick is extremely important in a long-distance relationship.

When you’re not physically close to your boyfriend or husband, you or he may feel like you’re playing against him.

Always remember that you are on this journey together.

And don’t forget to remember him too.

When your mindset shifts from “playing against” to “we’re on the same team,” you’ll be able to listen to your partner more openly and work with them on a mission to achieve the relationship goals you both have in common.

Relationship Trick Number 3: Do The Little Things.

A healthy, happy relationship doesn’t mean you always have to make huge romantic gestures… and neither does he.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make the biggest difference in a relationship.

For example, maybe your husband likes it when you make his bed in the morning.

Even if it doesn’t make much difference to you, it might be important to him.

When you take the time to make the bed, he can feel valued and cared for.

A task like this is small, but it has great value.

Relationships get healthier and happier when we do the smallest things for our partners.

Make a note of all the little things your boyfriend or husband likes.

Is it some chore around the house?

Is it a sweet little message or a souvenir?

Is it a kiss when he gets home from work?

Discover the little things you can do to make him feel loved and cared for.

When you do this romantic trick often, more love and more passion will come into your relationship.

Relationship Trick Number 4: Make Good Communication a Priority.

In a strong relationship, both sides communicate openly, honestly, and often.

Conversations, feelings, and plans are discussed regularly to ensure common interests.

But good communication doesn’t just happen out of nowhere.

It should be seen as a priority—no matter what else is going on in your life.

If you’re spending a lot of time at work or with friends, make an effort to make time to talk to your partner and communicate more about important events in your life and theirs.

This connection builds togetherness and trust.

Such good communication is certainly a love trick for all relationships, but it is especially useful for long-distance relationships.

For couples who don’t live together and aren’t close, especially couples in different time zones, make an appointment to talk every day or at least several times a week.

This long-distance dating relationship trick will keep you two well connected.

By dedicating time to good communication, your bond with him will strengthen and future problems can be prevented, because there is harmony between the couple.

Relationship Trick Number 5: Don’t Let Emotions Take Over You

During an argument in a fight, the emotional side of your brain can take over, and you end up losing your rationality.

If he has hurt your feelings, you can easily spiral into anger, sadness, and a host of other negative feelings.

If you try to detach yourself from your emotions, you will be able to calm down during an argument and promote a healthier conversation.

Eckhart Toll shares in his world-famous book, The Power of Now, if you look at emotions separately, “you can then allow the emotions to stay there without controlling you. You are no longer your emotions, you are the observer.”

When you can let go of emotions during an argument, you take control of your own words and actions.

You and your partner thus achieve open communication, rather than being controlled by initial emotional reactions.

Relationship Trick Number 6: Do a “Relationship Performance Review”.

Every year or every few months, review your relationship performance.

Make it more fun by asking questions about your relationship over dinner or over wine.

Use questions like “what was the thing we did last summer that you liked the most?” or “where would you like to visit for our next trip next year?”

You can also ask deeper questions about the relationship, such as “how are things going for you? Do you think you need to change or adjust something in our marriage? I just want to be the best partner for you.”

This open communication gives both of you a chance to talk about how they are feeling and adjust things along the way.

Instead of letting problems accumulate, you will be communicating openly, helping to avoid future problems, especially communication problems.

Doing this type of performance review ensures a smooth relationship for years to come.

Relationship Trick Number 7: Give Your Routine a Shock.

Every relationship benefits from a shake-up.

Whether it’s in bed or during your weekend activities, try to do new things with your partner.

Book an adventure in the middle of the woods on a Saturday afternoon or make plans to see a show at the town’s theater.

When you do non-routine things with your husband or boyfriend, you refresh the relationship.

These new activities also provide the opportunity to create great memories together.

University of Massachusetts professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne says that new shared experiences promote “the growth and strengthening of the couple’s connection.”

She also says the memories and “time a couple spends together isolated from day-to-day activities helps foster positive bonds.”

Whatever new activity you decide to do with your boyfriend or husband, don’t forget that it will do a lot of good for your relationship, your bond with him will become stronger and even more attractive.

Which of these relationship tricks are you going to try this week?

Are there any others that we haven’t mentioned?

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