7 little romantic gestures to do regularly as a couple

You don’t always have to say “I love you” to show your love to your partner. In a relationship, romance is just as important as love! Romance is a bit the fuel of love, it is a constant reminder of this beautiful strong bond that unites you. Romance doesn’t have to make noise, it doesn’t have to be conspicuous to be present. We can completely live it through small everyday gestures that can create a climate of happiness in your couple! So here are 7 romantic little gestures to do regularly as a couple for your mutual love good health!

1 / leave you little love notes

All over your house/apartment/car! A good, cute, and romantic way to communicate in a busy daily life. On the fridge, in the bathroom, in your bags, in your car, in the living room, etc … What make you smile at any time of the day, even when your partner is not there!

2 / hold hands in public

An excellent habit to take. This seemingly harmless gesture is full of meaning! You show that you take responsibility for your relationship, and that you are proud of the connection you share! This simple physical contact can really have a big impact on your morale, so don’t deprive yourself!

3 / Take turns organizing surprise picnics

A picnic is something very simple and very romantic to do! In addition, with the return of sunny days, it is easy to plan and organize … A few small races, a nice tablecloth, your darling, sun, and lots of love! The kind of attention that always goes straight to your heart … While allowing you to go out and get some fresh air!

4 / Record a nice personalized message

Take your sweetheart’s phone while he/she is taking a shower, and record a cute personalized message full of love on it! But don’t settle for that: make sure you then program this message as an alarm clock! So the next day, your darling will have the joy, and the surprise, of waking up to the sound of your voice! A very sweet and romantic way to wake up your other half to make them smile in the morning.

5 / run him a bath

What could be better than going home after an exhausting day at work, and seeing that a good hot bath has been poured in, with foam, a good glass of fruit juice/smoothie, and a good book near? Few things to tell the truth! So do not hesitate to put your plan to work if you know the time of your darling’s return … And offer him your masseur services!

6 / Flirt with him/her

Tease him/her all day, sport, make him/her go crazy, while increasing the temperature! Have a walk in your underwear at home, chew your ear, whisper your desires … In short, do everything to put him/her in a cuddly mood for a hot evening! A little seduction in the couple never hurts!

7 / Re-declare your love

Don’t settle for a little “I love you”, but bring out the big game! Even if you are already married, reorganize an evening, a romantic weekend, and find an original way to make a beautiful scene to celebrate your love. No need for another particular reason than to thank your darling for all the happiness he/she brings you! You will see that your couple will emerge vivified, and more in love than ever!