7 original ways to ask your man to have a baby

In love with your man, fulfilled in your relationship, happy, you now know that it is him and no one else. The man in your life. Your love and your bond grow day by day. You feel the desire to concretize this love differently, to take a new step. You think about it a lot and you are sure of it, you want a child of him, with him. Only you don’t really know how to raise the subject with him. Why not ask him in an original way to have a child with you? Here are 7 original ways to ask your man to have a baby.

7 original ways to ask your man to have a baby

You feel deep inside you the desire to bear a child, to consolidate your love with the arrival of a “mini-you”. Does he want it as much as you do? Does he also feel ready to become a parentJust to make a beautiful moment, a nice memory, without too much stress, with humor, tenderness, and love, here are several original ways to ask him.

1. A video / photo montage

Take the most beautiful photos or videos in your history, those which retrace the most symbolic moments of your couple, and make a montage like a slideshow. Add a little text at the end of your montageTell him that you are having wonderful moments thanks to him, that your meeting represents one of the most important things in your life. And on the last page, write: “Would you like to give me the best gift today: a baby?” “ It is an original and touching way to make your request.

2. Copy and paste of the marriage proposal

Everyone knows the very traditional way of asking the person of their life in marriage. You know, the knee on the ground and the ring in the small case with the famous phrase ”  Will you marry me?” “ . What can be trivial for a wedding can be very original for a baby. Surprise your sweetheart by choosing a time when both of you are sure to be quiet. Get down on your knees in front of him with a small case hiding little baby bo**ty for example! When he opens the box and your eyes meet, simply ask him “V you do you make me a baby”? Question originality you are at the top, this moment will be an unforgettable memory for both.

3. Small hidden objects

You dare not tell him openly that you want to have a child with him. You can’t find the words. In this case, try to make him guess  ! Go buy parents or pregnancy magazines, a bottle, slippers or baby clothesHide everything in various places at home and let him discover for himself. He may not understand right away. But as he goes to discover the objects, doubt will no longer be allowed. This will make it easier for him to tell him about your desire for a child.

Other original ways to ask your man to have a baby

4. A registered letter

Write him a letter he will receive directly at home and of course, make sure you are there when he opens it. To make this letter original, write it on a sample response letter to a job offer  :

” Dear Sir,

Following our meeting on (enter the date), I am pleased to inform you that in view of our many common exchanges I feel ready to engage in an association with you which, I hope, will be fruitful. Under the terms of our agreement, I confirm that our personal investment will be 50/50. This contract is for an indefinite period and commits us for life to each other.

I thank you in advance for your return to the following address: COMPANY “Will you make a baby with me? “ At the address: rue du bonheur…”

5. A new car?

This can be a funny way to make him understand and above all very ”  masculine  “. If your man is a fan of cars, you have your original idea for your baby request! Go get catalogs of the brands he prefers. Select the pages where the sedans or SUVs are located, see Breaks. Do not hesitate to stick on some models photos of the car seat with a little post-it. Write on it “I can see our future baby in this car” or “Do you want to have a baby?” “

2 other original ways to ask your man to have a baby

6. A song

Come home from work before him and prepare one or more songs that you replay. So he can understand that it’s not just what’s going on on the radio. You can for example put Phil Barney’s song “have only one child from you”. Or that of Michel Sardou “having a child of you”. He may not spin immediately, but he will realize the meaning of the lyrics after two or three times. You can’t help but watch every reaction he gets. It will also see on your face that you are waiting for something. It will only remain to wait for his response!

7. Personalized clothing

Have a T-shirt or other item of clothing of your choice personalized by writing “Do you want to make a baby?” “ . It’s up to you to choose the best time to make your original request. You can put a vest on and take it off innocently when it is with you. Or go shower and come back with personalized sleepwear. Do as you wish, in any case, you are sure to surprise him with your request!