7 original ways to make a declaration of love

Are you in love with this guy, but you don’t know how to tell him?

You want to tell him that you love him, be spontaneous, and certainly, that’s what your friends will advise you to do. However, before you start, make sure that you have reciprocated love for this guy. Whether you are shy or lacking ideas, here are some ways to declare the flame. Hope this helps you, happy reading!

1. be original

Originality is the secret of a successful declaration. To make it seem like a surprise, consider doing it in the times when he least expects it. In the morning, while he is still in bed, find post-its, and write down any hints or clues about them. Make him see them when he wakes up so he can carry out his little quest for the treasure. In the end, what he will find is your statement stuck on the fridge or elsewhere if you are imaginative!

2.Try the Chinese cookie

Have you ever eaten Chinese cookies, those little treats that contain little words, adages, etc. ? But if instead of proverbs you write down how you feel about him. Of course he will not expect that, so the surprise will be there, but it remains to be seen his reaction and what he will answer you after reading it.

3.Class mode

You are a great romantic, and you want to engrave your declaration of love forever in your man’s memory. If you want to get it right, don’t skimp on the budget. Take him on vacation to a lavish location, and book a luxurious room in a grand hotel while carefully preparing your return. After confessing your feelings to him, take out a bottle of champagne, toast together to formalize your relationship, very classy idea no!

4. do it the old fashioned way

You are very good with words so let speak for your heart on a piece of paper. There’s nothing like a well-written love letter to tell him how much you love her. If he loves you and is the sensitive type, your words will touch him directly. Plus, he can reread it every now and then when he misses you. Unlike the usual blah-blahs that fly away, what you wrote stays forever.

5.The place of the first meeting

Why not remember the past by going to the place where you first met. You can even recreate the scenario of the day you met. This will revive beautiful memories, and you can take advantage of this moment of happiness full of love to declare your love to him.

6.Video editing

If you’ve been together for a long time, surely you have some souvenir photos and videos. Why not edit the best moments you had together in a single video, accompanied by your music together? To surprise him, add a sequence of you telling him that he means more than anything to you and that you love him.

7.Bring him breakfast to bed

If you live together, you know what he prefers to eat in the morning. So, before he wakes up, make him a nice breakfast, and then bring it to bed while gently waking him up. It will be a real proof of love. To complete the whole thing, put yourself in underwear, it is certain that he will not resist that!