7 phrases that reassure a man and make him happy

There are a few phrases that all women love to hear:

  • “You are beautiful.”
  • “You’re so smart.”
  • “You are the most amazing person I have ever met.”
  • “I love you.”

Phrases that make them feel confident and hold their heads a little higher or that give them that glow of warmth that is far too fleeting.

Men are like women because they have words they love to hear and unfortunately they don’t always understand them as often.

Romantic relationships provide men with the opportunity to be vulnerable and open up, which means they’re not only more receptive to the next 7 sentences, but eagerly awaiting them!

As relationships progress and become more serious, they can sometimes become routine. We’re losing the romance, the spark, the spontaneity, the intimacy that made this honeymoon phase so exciting in the first place.

Instead of getting stuck in a rut, make the effort to say these phrases frequently to your man to reassure him, to let him know that you appreciate him, love him, respect him and that you are amazed. by him every day.


When we feel comfortable in a relationship, we can take our partner for granted, especially over time.

This is not an intentional thing, we are so used to having them and being in our lives that we forget to remind ourselves that we have chosen that person and that despite the ups and downs that naturally come with a relationship, we are still crazy.

Letting your guy know that you feel lucky to have him made him feel noticed and appreciated. You are not only happy that he is there and always allows you to have the last slice of pizza.

You feel really lucky to find that of all the inhabitants of the planet you have found yourself. It will reassure him!


Everyone wants to be told that he did a good job, and your man is no exception. He may be feeling stressed about work, school, or other obligations and doing his best, but he feels like he’s barely getting by.

Assuring him that he needs him not only to be okay but also to be proud of you will make him smile from ear to ear. We all get to the point where we feel like giving up if something is giving us a hard time, and therefore letting your man know that you are supporting him in his efforts and that he thinks he has already reached a certain point. success just by trying is the extra push he needs to get things done.

Making him feel that he feels validated in his activities and letting him know that you are proud is like an unaltered dose of positivity: He will be reassured!


Hey, good manners are important! A “please” and a “thank you” goes much further, opening the doors or taking the street side of the sidewalk to avoid splashing.

Your guy has probably developed his manners over the years, so it’s always good to know that they’ve paid off!

Being told that he’s a gentleman is one of the most important things your man wants to hear because he feels like an adult and a man. Instead of being macho, he’s a guy who can be well-behaved, like a James Bond. What guy doesn’t want to be compared to James Bond?

Recognizing his efforts lets him know that you care not only for him but what he does for you as well. Say this to him to reassure him.


One of the best uplifts after a long day is coming home and seeing that not only is your place clean and tidy, but your favorite food or drink is in the fridge or cupboard waiting for you. Even better than that is when the person you love takes care of it for you!

It’s a simple thing, but giving your man a treat he enjoys is one way to show him that you care about him and his happiness even when he’s not around. It’s a thoughtful gesture that takes over a working day and will always be appreciated.

By choosing his favorite brand of beer or the chips he likes, he automatically goes into a chill mode and he’ll definitely want to return the favor later.


Just like women, guys may be unsure of their physical appearance. While we see images of toned, yet curvy, yet slender women as the impossible ideal, men are given images of incredibly ripped guys with melon-sized biceps you could wash your clothes on.

Women’s insecurities are accepted as the norm and therefore men feel less comfortable communicating their own insecurities about their appearance.

This is why it is essential to let him know that you do not find him hot, but strong. If you know your guy is hitting the gym a little harder or watching what he eats as part of a late New Years’ resolution, tell him that you appreciate his efforts as an extra dose of reassurance!


Fact: Fighting happens in relationships. Problems, arguments, disagreements. We have all been victims of it. The important thing to remember after a fight is to apologize for anything you said or did.

Fighting doesn’t do anyone good, but it can sometimes be necessary to explode a bit, then calm down and apologize for your actions later. Rather than getting things to a tipping point, take the time to calm down and apologize before things get worse. So it’s an excuse to have hurt each other or to let things go as they were.


While this line doesn’t have to be exclusive to a more intimate setting, it works there too! Letting your man know he’s talented in whatever he does is another way to show your support and reassure him.

Most of the time, a lot of guys don’t want to show their vulnerable side when it comes to their passion projects. By telling him that you find him talented at what he does, you are giving him the green light to open up a little more.

Sharing hopes and dreams is an important part of the relationship and when you tell her, you let her know that you have confidence in her dreams, giving her the courage to pursue them, or at least to try a little louder.