7 proofs that your partner is no longer in love with you! (do not ever tolerate that!)

Who nowadays does not seek love? This inexplicable feeling that leads you to seventh heaven, which changes everything about you, your habits, your desires, your reactions and more …

When you love someone, you spend all your days together, doing crazy things that you have never done, planning your outings and vacations, and even sharing your future plans. In short, your daily life is turned upside down. But when things start to change and details start to slip away, you doubt your partner and your love. You start asking yourself lots of questions, you are not paranoid but something has changed.
Discover the signs that can show that your partner is no longer in love with you!

  1. Your partner does not answer the phone anymore 

If you talk to your partner throughout the day (calls, messages …) and you do not spend an hour without hearing from him, you will surely notice when it will take an hour to answer a simple message, to finally say he is busy or overtime at work. A romantic partner always has time to answer, to apologize, to catch up, at last, to spend the maximum time as a couple. 

  1. Your partner no longer talks about future projects

When you are a couple in love, you will spend hours dreaming together, imagining what life will be like once you finish law school or your next destination for the holidays. Talking about the future is common when you are in love. But you may have reasons to worry when your partner starts to avoid such topics. 
The Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker, a psychologist at Psych Central, gives advice to a woman who is trying to understand why her partner does not talk about the future with her. She explains to him that in this kind of discussion the two must be invested to the same degree. Neither must feel obliged to speak of the future, if it does not do it it is not projected with you.

  1. Your partner no longer cares about your discussions

Many people explain ongoing discussions/disputes such as the decline of a romantic relationship, but Elite Daily says that the true sign of the absence of love is when your partner no longer cares what you say or do. You may be worried about how you will tell him that you spend the weekend with your girlfriends when he does not care. If the person is already outside, they will not be interested in your decisions or choices. 

  1. Your partner moves away physically 

When your partner moves away emotionally, you will notice a change in your physical relationship. Not only will your sex life disappear, but caresses, cuddles and all intimate moments will also evaporate.
Before confirming that your partner does not love you anymore, try a few simple ways to physically reconnect, such as holding hands, kissing or petting on the back. Make sure this contact lasts at least 30 seconds, if your partner starts to react, there may be hope, otherwise it may be too late.

  1. Your partner criticizes your little fads 

Before, your accent made him laugh or your way of sneezing gave him a laugh, now it starts to annoy him. He comments on every little bit of detail about you, but his reactions should not affect you or your confidence in you. On the contrary, it should make you think about the reason for the change. Previously, he never noticed those little things because his love for you was stronger, but now that the feeling is gone his reactions have changed.

  1. Your partner no longer invites you to family meals 

At the beginning of each relationship, meeting the partner’s family is always a stressful step, but as the days go by, you feel more and more comfortable and family meals become part of your life as a couple. So, if you notice that your partner is going to family gatherings without you, that’s not a good sign.

  1. Your partner is lying to you 

Discovering that your partner has lied to you is one of the most awful things in a relationship, it breaks the relationship and creates grief. But before you want to talk about it, ask yourself why he lied? He may not have the courage to tell you that everything is over and that he prefers to spend his evenings alone with you, so much to understand the reasons that led him to hide the truth …