7 qualities, a best friend is one who … The treasure of friendship

Friendship is an invaluable treasure that is important to take care of by feeding every day with good emotions. A best friend is one who is there to listen to you when you fall in love and when you are disappointed. The treasure of friendship is a blessed little harnessed.


You count your true friends on the fingers of one hand. The beautiful friendship treasure very intense in childhood and youth and very cautious in adulthood. No matter how many fun people you meet, you always miss that friend who understood your loves.

My best friend is one who is characterized by high levels of positive behavior. Those exciting moments that helped me in those difficult moments and in privacy are not forgotten.

1.- A treasure called friendship stands out for its honesty

A friend is one who is always honest with me without hurting my feelings. She tells me her point of view not to please me, the most important thing for friendship is the truth. In this way it helps me in my personal growth.

Friendship is an invaluable treasure because sincerity is always appreciated especially in tough and difficult times. Therefore, a best friend is one who:

– It causes the relationship to deepen
– With small details it improves the level of trust
– It has a simple but magical attitude that friendship is real
– It makes honesty a challenge
– With you you can create bonds that make you more trustworthy
– The best friend is the one that makes friendship last longer

2.- A best friend is one that causes a climate of mutual respect


The importance of respect in friendship makes a difference in the quality of interpersonal relationships. Friend is that person who respects himself and respects you, causing a more affective relationship and full of authentic emotions.

Friendship is an invaluable treasure at different stages of life and with different degrees of importance and significance. Best friend is one that appears when two or more people discover common concerns.

Many friendships begin with a lot of respect within a few moments of interacting and others take years. To have a good friend for as long as possible keep in mind:

– Let your friend be what she is and wants to be, to do what she wants to do, to dream her own crazy things
– Anything that bothers you about her, solve it within yourself and help her with tact and enthusiasm to become a good seed

3.- My best friend is the one who always knows how to listen to me without saying anything to me.


A best friend is one who has one of the most important qualities to strengthen friendship, knowing how to listen. My greatest treasure is your friendship because you know how to listen, understanding my point of view.

Advantages of a best friend who knows how to listen actively:

– They make the friend who speaks feel confident and speak sincerely
– The person who speaks feels valued
– When there is one who listens there is tranquility and facilitates the elimination of feelings
– Listening favors a positive relationship with the interlocutor
– When you join two people who they speak, they listen attentively, they get to the bottom of the problems
– A person who listens is a wonderful reward for the interlocutor
– A best friend is one who listens attentively and thus earns the respect of the speaker

4.- Friendship is a valuable treasure because it always encourages being interested in others


It is very difficult to make friends trying to impress others. If we put the focus on us, trying to get them to be interested in us, we will not achieve friendship with anyone. Rather, we will pass as presumptuous and we will push away the friendship we seek.

We all like to have someone take an interest in us, we are full of emotional needs. That is why a good friend is one who is interested in us. Let’s see how it benefits being a friend who cares about others.

– Helping your friends and other people will make you feel very good
– Friendship is a blessed treasure because it improves our self
– esteem – A friend who helps strengthens and improves the quality of her friendship
– Whoever helps will think better of herself
– Improve your perception of your limits and possibilities
– They develop a greater sense of belonging, we are all one
– Taking an interest and helping others improves our inner peace
– As you progress in your way of helping you become more grateful
– By helping you treat yourself well which contributes to revitalize and renew you
– By helping you promote love, respect and greater personal harmony and with other people

5.- The best friend is not one who is emotionally emotional


A best friend is one who gets excited about you supporting you. Friend is not only the one who laughs with you in your moments of happiness. A friend is one who cries with you in your moments of sadness.

The friends hug each other, smile and live their emotions with total freedom, in this way the friends give each other affection. Let’s look at the characteristics of emotionally intelligent good friends.

– A friend with a positive attitude knows how to be very affective
– She recognizes and differentiates her own emotions, thoughts and feelings
– She knows how to express her emotions and feelings without repressing them
– An emotionally intelligent friend lives in balance with her emotions and feelings
– The best friend is always empathetic , knows how to put herself in the shoes of the other
– They decide, make mistakes and decide again without complaints, focused on what they can do
– A friend is one who, despite adverse circumstances, remains motivated
– Knows how to give and receive and lives accordingly to positive values ​​that give meaning to your life
– Help and confidently face all your own adversities and those of your friends

6.- A good friend is one who teaches you to be loyal through friendship

Friendship treasured thanks to loyalty that is cultivated with affection, sincerity and a positive attitude. A best friend is one who will always speak the truth to you without envy.

Thanks to friendship, people develop loyalty. Friends will always try to help each other with sincerity and generosity. A friend is one who in spite of everything shows her loyalty in the following way:

– His is firm expressing his ideas, feelings and emotions
– His trusts and inspires confidence with his actions
– He commits himself to his friends
– He is consistent with his values ​​and friendship ties
– He is constant, he is always present in good times and bad
– He gives value at their word

7.- A best friend is always positive, always supports and encourages

A best friend is one who, even in bad times, encourages you to overcome, with success, any bitter drink. Positive friendships help us live longer and better.

– A positive friend is the one who transforms our day into a healthy “drug”
– The best friend is the one who listens to you and acts as a protective barrier
– Thanks to good positive friends you do not gain weight because of their advice and example
– A friend It is the one that tells you the truth about what it is to live well and keeps you moving
– Thanks to good friends we acquire better habits and emotions that lengthen our lives
– Every good positive friendship always helps us to recover faster
– With the presence of A positive friend feels that everything is going to be better
– If you have children a good positive friend gives them a lot of happiness
– Meeting frequently with positive friends modifies our brain for the better
– Thanks to good friends, our cardiovascular system improves