7 questions to ask yourself before moving in together

That’s it, you have finally decided to live together under the same you! But, as exciting as it may seem, you should not get too excited … There are still two to three questions to ask yourself before passing the course of life together. Certainly, you have probably asked yourself, or you feel perfectly ready, but still do not miss these 7 questions to ask yourself before moving in together:

1 / Did you say “I love you”?

It may sound silly, but, did you declare your love? If not, then maybe the idea of ​​moving in together is a bit hasty … You wouldn’t want to commit as much to each other if you don’t have the assurance that your love will overcome all the many obstacles that will inevitably arise during your daily life as a couple.

I am thinking in particular of couples who decide to live extremely quickly together (at one or the other) for financial reasons…

2 / Is your relationship going to last?

Before making an important decision in your life, you need to weigh the pros and cons, to temper. Moving in together is one of those important decisions in your life. So take a step back, and ask yourself the question (to yourself and/or your entourage), do you see yourself together in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 20 years? If you act under the influence of passion, when the latter recedes, you will have much more difficulty separating if all your affairs are common!

3 / Is it a good solution for me, for him, for us?

Moving in together can be a good way to reduce your rent, food, etc. expenses, but the financial solution should NEVER be the first reason for moving in together. Yes, this is a good reason, among others, if you are both ready to pass the course and you love each other with sincere love. Of course, if you already spend all your nights with your sweetheart, the transition will be easier…

4 / How do you manage your disputes?

Are you more of a spiteful type? To take you away for nothing, to slam the door violently to interrupt the argument? These are the kinds of reflections that are important to make. Because living together means more closeness, and therefore, more good times but also more conflicts… And it will necessarily be more complicated for you to leave the door so as not to give any sign of life for 2 days if you live under the same roof ! So make sure you know how to argue properly before going any further.

5 / Are you financially independent?

Will you both be able to pay your share of the rent, groceries, and any other expenses that will inevitably arise over time? Because you would not want to find yourself alone (e) to pay all your common expenses, or let your partner settle everything for both of you … Anticipate problems and conflicts related to money rather than finding yourself faced with a fait accompli …

6 / Are you ready to reveal to your darling all your less glamorous sides?

This is a question that will surely have no place for all couples who have been going on for a while already … But for those for whom everything went quickly, ask yourself this question! No doubt that, until now, you have multiplied your efforts to appear glamorous, attentive, clean… perfect (e) what! It is certain that it will be harder once under the same roof… Even if your darling loves you as you are, are you ready to share everything, for better or for worse? What about him/her?

7 / Do you like his friends? His animals?

If you don’t like his friends, get ready to see them more often at home! Likewise for his animals … It is never very pleasant to feel invaded in your personal space, not being able to go home calmly, and/or to see cat hair everywhere on your belongings … If you are a neat freak, allergic to cats, a homebody who hates noise, you are facing a few problems if your darling brings his 5 cats, or his entire sports team one evening a week…