7 reasons why he leaves you in view and does not reply to your messages

They met, dated and laughed for hours. The chemistry was undeniable! But … then what happens? Why does he leave you in view and not answer your whatsapp or facebook messenger messages? It can be one of the most frustrating things in the world for your crush to drop you off.

Also, we all always wonder if we should continue to write and demand attention, or if something like that would make us seem too desperate. We finally know that we must give ourselves our place.

But there is also the possibility that he will not answer your messages for some reason that has nothing to do with you. Not necessarily bad.

1. is busy

Believe us. This is the main reason why a man does not answer your messages. Typically, men prioritize what they have to do at work over their social life.

Perhaps you superficially checked your messages. But if none of them seemed to have an urgency character, chances are that something like “Oh, I have to answer several messages, I take care when I get off work.”

2. Has nothing to say

Contrary to what you may (or want to think) some men are truly people of few words. A yes, a no, or some other simple and functional answer is more than enough for them.

If you may have just sent him your childhood summarized in three pages, rest assured that many men will not make sense to do the same again.

It’s not that they don’t consider your contribution valuable. It’s just that they themselves don’t find it too stimulating to talk hours and hours about themselves by message.

3. Men focus on one thing at a time.

Remember that even though you manage to prepare food, do homework, and text him at the same time, many kids find it impossible to focus on more than one task at the same time.

So if the object of your desire is characterized by being someone with many occupations, rest assured that there will be a space to respond to you, but when you can focus only on that.

Don’t worry and try not to despair. These types of guys can take up to half a day or more to respond. But they respond.

4. You are not saying anything interesting

And maybe, just maybe, the problem is if you are. Have you analyzed the type of conversation that you are sending? Are you really saying something transcendent?

If your conversation revolves around the pants you bought yesterday or the weather that he evidently has to put up with, too, he’ll most likely skip answering just to avoid you keep texting him useless.

Make your conversation less superficial so you can start to gain their attention.

5. Doesn’t feel like texting you

Just as sometimes you just don’t feel like getting ready, or going out, or flirting, sometimes men go through periods of communicational drought.

These periods can be particularly frustrating for women, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. Only that they have nothing to say, and even if they did, they do not feel up to it.

If that’s the case, give your guy some space and let him start the contact again once he’s back in his usual frame of mind.

6. Consider that the relationship is already secure and that it is no longer necessary

If the boy considers that he already has you very safe, or you already go out with him in a somewhat more formal relationship, consider that perhaps he no longer finds much sense to talk to you by text day and night.

It may sound a bit cruel, but this is how male psychology works many times. So if you see a very drastic change between when you were starting to date, and now that you are in a relationship, you could confront him and indicate that you still need attention and communication.

7. He doesn’t like you

And finally we come to the less pleasant part of this article. But it is necessary that we cover this possibility since it is possibly the most viable.

When a man likes you, you usually get all the attention and time you want from him, unless he’s very clueless or very shy.

This can happen, of course, but if a man does not reply to your messages, maybe it is because he really does not like you or is not interested in establishing an emotional connection with you. But you don’t have to be traumatized about it.

First of all, we don’t have to be liked by everyone.

Second, this website is full of articles with tips for you to go from “he doesn’t like me” to “I bring him crazy.”

And thirdly, if you saturate a guy with no particular interest in you, the only thing you’ll do is create outright dislike.

So take it easy, there are a lot of fish in the sea.