7 reasons why you should hold hands more often

It is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable little pleasures of a relationship: holding hands! A simple, cute and effective way to show you affection … which can also positively affect your relationship! Much more than you could imagine … Here are 7 reasons why you should more often hold hands:

1 / Holding your hand allows you to support yourself

We can no longer count the film scenes where a couple, faced with dangers and difficulties, hold hands and face each other. Holding hands is the perfect way to provide support, comfort and well-being. And who doesn’t need this when things go wrong?

2 / Holding your hand keeps you connected

Holding hands is a great way to tell yourself that you’re together, there for each other, whatever happens, whatever happens, wherever you are. You are united, and nothing can separate you … Especially when you walk together in the middle of the crowd!

3 / It helps maintain your bond

In other words, your secret language as a couple! Two individuals in a couple quickly learn, consciously or not, to communicate non-verbally. Over time, you know and recognize the signs that indicate your partner’s condition. Holding your hand is one of them! You can tell yourself many things through this simple contact: squeeze tenderly to say that you are there for the other, squeeze harder to say that you are frightened/stressed/irritated, squeeze briefly to signal that it’s time to leave, or to flirt … Don’t hesitate to use these signals!

4 / Holding your hand allows you to feel closer

This simple gesture is fraught with meaning. So heavy with meaning that we still see a lot of older couples doing it. Holding your hand enriches your relationship, whether it has lasted for 1 month or 20 years! And to do this, you don’t even have to look at yourself (especially in the car for example). A physical gesture filled with affection, love and tenderness.

5 / It reduces your stress

… Your anxiety, and your nervousness! It’s almost magic. You are in all your states, and feel that you are going to explode, or to crack. When suddenly, your darling takes your hand, and squeezes it for a long time in the hollow of his … And suddenly, all your worries diminish, your panic subsides … The magic of love at work! No need for words, this simple gesture can ease anxiety as quickly as it has arisen.

It is a completely human reflex: that of taking and shaking the hand of his / her darling when we suffer. Take women for example during childbirth. Of course, you don’t remove the pain (it would be too good), but it can help you feel it less! In fact, as a couple, you become real superheroes! A hand will never replace a good doctor, but in case of small sores, combined with a magic kiss, it is an excellent remedy!

7 / It’s a great way to say “I love you” without having to speak

It may seem like an insignificant gesture to you, but on the contrary, it is fraught with meaning. And for proof, who has never felt incredibly good while his / her darling came to grab his hand? It is one of the precious things that you need to preserve within your relationship. Body language says a lot about your feelings, so (and all the more if you have trouble expressing it verbally) show your love for your partner by shaking his hand tenderly and regularly !!