7 relationship tips you should never follow

Nowadays, there are many tips on relationships and married life, whether on the internet, on TV, on the radio, by friends, family, etc. But that is not to say that you should follow them all! So whatever you read, what you hear, whatever you see, step back from the information to find out whether or not you should really apply these tips. While waiting to help you, Talking about Love has listed 7 relationship tips that you should never follow:

1 / Be 100% honest

Of course, honesty is in most cases the best solution within a relationship, but being honest doesn’t have to mean being tactless and using no filters.

You don’t necessarily have to share everything that comes into your head, the least of your thoughts. The goal is ultimately to share truths that will help your couple, even if they are difficult to hear, and not truths that could unnecessarily hurt your partner.

2 / Problems will resolve themselves over time

Yes, time can help resolve things in many situations. But it is never a good idea to let him alone solve all your problems!

You must react as soon as there is an obstacle to your well-being and that of your couple. This often involves communicating with your partner and sharing your feelings in order to find a good compromise. Don’t hope that by closing your eyes to a problem, it will magically disappear on its own.

3 / Having no secrets for the other

We regularly hear that the best, longest and most solid relationships are those that leave no room for secrets. We do not share this opinion at all!

Obviously, a close connection and a deep understanding can lead a couple to say everything, but it is important to keep certain things private. On the one hand because it is important for your personal development that you have your own secret garden, on the other hand, because an element of mystery is always interesting in a relationship. This still leaves you with perspectives to discover many other facets of the other!

4 / Immediately resolve any conflict

It is a belief often well entrenched in couples, especially the younger ones. You’ve had an argument, and you have the feeling that if you don’t reconcile within a quarter of an hour, it will be the end of the world, at least the end of your relationship.

However, even if you don’t have to drag on arguments over weeks and weeks, it is important that you allow yourself and your partner time and space to breathe, step back, and find an adequate compromise. In addition, this will allow you to calm down, and more easily find a solution together afterwards.

5 / Your partner must understand you, and will understand you no matter what

Yes, the longer a relationship lasts, the more the partners know each other. But be almost assured that, even with all the years of the world, you will never manage to understand and anticipate ALL the reactions of your darling.

And for good reason, he/she would be hard-pressed to tell you how he/she would react depending on this or that event. And there is nothing wrong with that. But keep this in mind: your other half is not a soothsayer, do not expect him/her to understand, guess, and anticipate all your moods. So communicate!

6 / Having a baby will solve your couple problems

The arrival of a baby within a couple is a wonderful event, but also a great upheaval. And very often, even if he/she will bring a lot of happiness and love, this will also be accompanied by a good dose of additional stress, which can sometimes complicate your relationship with your partner.

Especially if you are not ready to have a child. So make sure you are financially and emotionally stable before embarking on this great adventure. But whatever it is, never imagine that having a child will consolidate your relationship if it is already struggling.

7 / For your relationship to last, you will only need one thing: lots of love

No, unfortunately, love will not solve all your problems. At least not if you plan to make your relationship last over the years. You will also need respect, communication, loyalty, compassion, kindness, dedication, etc … And this, from both partners! A relationship requires time, and a lot of attention. It’s an everyday adventure! But which in the end will always be worth it

So no, without love, the couple can never last. But love alone is not enough