7 secrets a narcissistic pervert will never tell you!

How to destroy a perverse narcissistic manipulator? What are the secrets that a narcissistic pervert will never mention? How to destabilize a narcissistic pervert?

Indeed, narcissistic perverts protect themselves for various reasons. Whether it is not to be exposed, not to let your victim get out of his grip, not to be destroyed, not to have problems, etc. They have hidden secrets inside of them that should never be unlocked, much less made public.

Like you and me, the PN has weaknesses and emotions. It also has one or more flaws somewhere in its manipulation system that can be exposed. In short, PNs are human and totally imperfect, so it’s entirely possible to defeat a manipulator. For that, it is necessary to learn to enter the head of a narcissistic pervert and to discover all its secrets which make sure to succeed in manipulating you.

Let’s take a closer look at the 7 hidden secrets that Romain Simar presented to you in the video above.

Knowing the secrets of a narcissistic pervert who will never tell you is the best way out of psychological manipulation:

1. It is up to you.

As Romain said in his video clip, you may think that it is quite the opposite, including the victim who is dependent on the PN. In fact, it must be understood that the narcissistic pervert likes to play with his prey. You are like his favorite toy, that is to say, a child who constantly needs to play his favorite video game. What happens if we take it away?

He becomes sad and frustrated because he absolutely needs this toy … The pervert needs you to try to fill a need. He will not easily recover from this situation if he were to lose you. It is for this reason that he does everything in his power to keep you in his grip.

2. He feels a vacuum inside.

He is afraid of being alone if you manage to break up with him. Why? If he finds himself alone, he will not only no longer have his favorite toy (you), but he will find himself alone with himself. Just thinking about it scares him horribly.

3. He would like to have your qualities.

In fact, he blames you for that. You have qualities that he does not have himself and he is even very jealous of them. For that, he wants to keep you in his grip to try to aspire to the good side of your personality or even to destroy you, but generally, a PN does not change, so he cannot have your qualities. Be careful, protect yourself from this toxic person!

4. If you leave, he will replace you.

He can’t stand being alone, so if you leave the narcissistic pervert, he’ll try to find another prey quickly. In addition, he will give you a false image of his relationship with this person by telling you that everything is going well and sometimes even to say that he is living a dream life, but in reality, this is completely false! Never let your false words influence you.

5. He needs to control you.

If he loses control over you, he will be afraid of being controlled by you or the other people around him. His mind is sick, so he thinks that if he controls the world, the world cannot control it.

6. He is not intelligent.

His mentality is that of a spoiled young child. He can be smart, violent, have needs, but he doesn’t act like a responsible adult.

7. He is in another world.

The narcissistic pervert lives in his own universe. He considers himself a god or a king who has power over others. In reality, it is completely disconnected from real life, so that is why it is so different from the others, but of course not in a good way.

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