7 signs that Aquarians are the best partners

Hehehe you are not Aquarius (January 20-February 19) and this article title annoys you? Too bad, I am muahahaha! But do not worry, in truth, there are no better astrological signs (yes, Aquarians are a little better than the others anyway: p)! Other articles will be reserved for the other Astro signs, promised, but here we are in February  So let’s go for the 7 signs that prove that Aquarians are the best partners!

1 / Aquarians are contradictory beings, which makes them unique!

If Aquarians often have a huge shell on their backs, when we manage to break it, we discover extremely sensitive and loving people. Aquarians freely reveal their feelings once they have total confidence in each other! You will therefore understand, under their hard and sufficient airs, Aquarians have an enormous need to be loved, and, when they are, they give EVERYTHING!

2 / You will never be bored with them!

Aquarians are rather original and clearly humanistic beings. They love the crowd, the people and don’t know the word “loneliness”. Impossible to get bored with them!

3 / They are sincere and do not chatter

Aquarians are very romantic but not downright praline. No, they will not offer you a medallion with two separate hearts ”  one for you and one for meiii and when we are together it forms our heart “. Even if they are not really expansive, they are sincere in love.

4 / Aquarians want the other to feel free

As difficult as it is to achieve, Aquarians will do everything to make their partner feel free in the relationship.

5 / Aquarians are passionate

Idealists and passionate, Aquarians believe in their dreams and never give up! In love, they are very enthusiastic and affectionate when they find the ideal partner. They always remain very independent: they indeed need time for their passion, their friends … This makes the balance of the couple often very harmonious.

6 / They are inventive

In everyday life as well as within their relationship, Aquarians are inventive! They will be full of ideas to break the routine in their relationship or to splurge in bed. Aquarians love change!

7 / Aquarians are in their bubble

Even if it can sometimes annoy you, Aquarians are often in their world and think a little too much! This escape by thought allows them to distance themselves from reality. But, if you are lucky enough to be with an Aquarius, he will tell you all about his world

The best sign for an Aquarian person would be… Sagittarius!