7 signs that he will love you despite all your faults

We live in a time when separations are commonplace to the point where staying with the same partner all his life has taken on an almost supernatural character. How indeed, to support a whole life defects of the same person? If such a question would not have even crossed the minds of our grandparents, few are today those who are ready to love someone with all his qualities, but also his faults, whatever they are. Such people are very precious and here are seven signs to recognize them.

  1. He finds you beautiful with or without makeup

The imperfections we try to camouflage with makeup are precisely what makes us unique in the world. Sometimes it’s one of those imperfections that a man likes most about us. If he likes you with or without makeup and if he finds you as beautiful with that without, he is perhaps the one who will love you despite your imperfections.

  1. Your bad hair days? He does not pay attention.

We have all come out of the barber desperate and have lost all confidence in us because of a horrible haircut and completely failed. If your companion tells you that you are still beautiful in his eyes, because he places more importance on your personality than on your physique, your relationship is probably well on its way to last.

If, on the other hand, he does not seem to appreciate you as much as usual or seems embarrassed to be seen with you, it is certainly a bad sign.

  1. Age does not matter

A man who accepts you all will spend his life with you and you will see age, it is a fact. It will not make any history of wrinkles or some stretch marks that you take here or there. Keep a man for whom aging is part of life and do not put pressure on you to look like a young supermodel.

  1. He supports you

It happens to everyone to go through difficult times, and from time to time encounter financial difficulties. If he’s here for you and he’s ready to help you anytime, he’s definitely someone you should keep for life.

  1. He does not get angry when you do not feel good

When you pass a bad day, you feel a slight drop in mood and are a bit less pleasant to live as usual, he understands and does not take it personally. And if he even tries to make you happier and cheer you up, you might have won the jackpot.

  1. He’s not trying to control you

A man who accepts you as you are does not try to control you and control your appearance, your schedule, or your personality. If your companion gives you the freedom to make your own decisions and gives importance to the fact that you do not feel trapped or choked; if he even encourages you to do the things that allow you to flourish and feel good, he may be the rare pearl.

  1. Your mood swings do not scare him

If this man does not run away when you show signs of irritation or irritation, whether in relation to him or something else, if he does not let himself be discouraged by some of your spikes of bad mood, it means that he has already accepted that you can go through all the emotional states without making a fuss, if he remains  calm , it is that he knows that human beings have ups and downs, just like life in general. And in this case, keep it because it is precious.