7 signs that it’s time to break up

The signs that show that your relationship has had its day!

You have loved each other for months, even years, but on this day the passion is far away. Looks like things are not the way they used to be, and even worse, you have doubts about the future of your story. You no longer know if you should break up. Here are the signs that it is time to really let go.

1.You want to be alone all the time

Before, all you want is to stick with your man all the time, and you’re sad when he’s not with you. But now you feel the need to be alone, and you cry victory when he goes out with his friends, when he leaves for work… in short, when he is not at home. It is clear that you are no longer happy with him.

2.You make plans on your own

At first you always spend your vacations together, and on weekends you spend them in a romantic place in a fabulous place, but now it’s really something else. You actually start planning a vacation without it. You plan to go with your girlfriends or to spend a few days with your parents … Even for Sunday meals with the family, you go there alone.

3.You are bored with him

You don’t do anything fun and funny with him anymore, but still, he doesn’t surprise you like before, and your relationship has gotten to the point where you feel like an old granny. Don’t you think it’s time to act and make a decision? In addition, you are young, and you have your whole life ahead of you, so take the opportunity to explore other horizons.

4.You’re looking for excuses not to see it

If you are at the stage where you are looking for excuses not to be with him, not to see him, to shorten your dates, to postpone him… you will have to break up for sure.

5.You don’t kiss her anymore

You’ve had your eyes wide open for weeks when he kisses you and puts his tongue in your mouth. You like this situation less and less, and you don’t find any point in shoveling like 15-year-olds for hours on end. The fiery kisses, that no longer exists in your relationship. Know that this is the obvious sign that you will have to break up with this man.

6.You don’t touch each other anymore

You no longer have s**x, but on top of that, you no longer touch each other, no hugs, no kisses, no affectionate hugs, no hand in hand in the street… What is certain, c is that there is no more physical contact. If you jump when he brushes past you, maybe it’s time to stop it all.

7.you try to reconnect with your exes

Yes, you are still friends with some of your exes, but if you try to get close to a particular ex and try to flirt with him by setting up a date, your current romance is doomed to fail. total.