7 signs that Pisces are hard to pin down but are great partners

The astrological sign of the month is… Pisces (February 19-March 20). Pisces are charming and dreamy individuals, with whom it is pleasant to spend time. However, they are not always easy to understand! Here are 7 signs that prove that Pisces are difficult to define but are great partners.

1 / Pisces are extremely sensitive

Pisces are often very sensitive and therefore quite susceptible. They do not like conflict and take things very seriously. Besides that, they are very forgiving and never judge their friends or lovers.

They are very emotional and fall in love rather easily, which means that they can harm themselves.

2 / The Pisces are whole and can be spiteful

Pisces look for the best in each person, they don’t like to judge and show a lot of empathy. On the other hand, if you exceed the limits with them, Pisces will be able to forgive you but will always keep in mind your betrayal.

When a Pisces offers you its confidence, take great care of it ! The day you betray this trust, the Pisces will find it very difficult to grant it to you again despite their forgiveness.

3 / Pisces are introverted and modest

Pisces are not very comfortable in society. They find it difficult to be themselves when they are surrounded by people who are not close to them. Thus, Pisces can appear distant or even closed. They simply need to trust completely before opening because they are people who feel hurt quickly.
They also have appreciable modesty, they are not the type of people who wash their dirty laundry in public!

4 / Pisces are attached to their habits

If Pisces regularly seek to escape, they like to escape in their bubble. They love their house, their circles of close friends, their habits…

5 / Pisces have a real artistic sense

Pisces people are very often creative people. Their passion for an art such as painting, drawing, writing, music, cooking, also allows them to escape.

6 / Pisces are very independent

They often need to be alone and are sometimes overwhelmed by expectations they feel are too high in their relationships. They do not like to need others and like to be able to fend for themselves. If you are in a relationship with a Pisces, you may sometimes feel frustrated by their need for tranquility … But beware, the Pisces also has a great need for love

7 / Pisces are spiritual and keep a lot of things for them but when they love and are loved… They give themselves up entirely

Pisces like to understand the world around them but will never try to control universes that are not their own. They do not always have the words to express what they feel or what they need. But if you give them love, show them respect, understanding, then Pisces will open up to you and find in you a comforting person to whom they will like to confide.