She likes me a little. A lot. To insanity. Not at all.

Dear reader, immediately stop daisy flowers in the hope of getting an answer. When we love a woman, it is natural to wonder if she loves us in return.

Are there sure ways to find out? No need for suspense. The answer is a direct and frank YES. Certain signs do not deceive. If she adopts one or more of these attitudes in your presence, you have surely hit the jackpot.

1 / She always puts herself on her 31 when you have to see yourself

Very far from the stereotypes of the perfect woman , the female gender is not the type to pamper her for 45 minutes just to go out and buy bread.

You may have noticed that at each of your meetings, she was better dressed than usual. This could be by wearing high heels or the right dose of makeup.

When a girl loves you, she will do anything to please you physically and it will go through more worked outfits .

2 / She is always happy in your presence

The secret of her happiness: she appreciates every moment spent in your company. The smile on his face is one of the best signs to determine whether or not there is love in the air.

Have you noticed how his smile is felt in the pupil of his eyes and at the corners of his lips? It’s a real Duchenne smile and it’s impossible to falsify. Even when her day has been difficult, her expression changes dramatically in your presence.

To be happy is a decision, and this young lady did not make this choice without reason. She truly believes in you, and has strong feelings for you, which is why she radiates in your presence.

3 / She frequently initiates the conversation

Warning: this point alone is not irrefutable proof that a woman is attracted to you. Do not start to imagine that each wench who says “hello” dreams of cooing in your arms.

Hola , butterfly: calm of heat.

However, if you find that she frequently initiates the conversation with you, it may be (I say: it may be) that this is a sign that she wants more than a friendship . Do not hesitate to take your courage in both hands and invite him to dinner. If she accepts your proposal and everything goes well, remind her by text to go further.

4 / She wants to know everything about your life

Your parents, your brothers and sisters, your dogs, your cats, your professional goals… She wants to know everything in every detail.

When you’re in love, you burn with the desire to know the other in depth . What does he like ? What does he hate? This is why a woman will literally water questions with the object of her desires.

Even on points that seem unimportant to you such as your daily routine, she will ask you questions. Clearly, she’s trying to get close to you.

Through all these questions, she will try to find out more about your vision of the future, whether in terms of the family, marriage or even children. It’s a good way for her to decide whether or not you have a place in her life.

What did you think? The fact that a woman likes you does not mean that the game is won in advance. You still have to convince her of your worth.

5 / She listens to your needs

When a woman is in love, she will pay attention to all the wishes of her loved one and will do everything to fulfill them. A bit like with a child, she will cover him with his attention. In men come from Mars and women from Venus , the author emphasizes this fact: women prove their love by coaxing, and men by solving all kinds of problems.

It is 1 am and you are hungry? She will propose to make you an illico presto salad.

A difficult late evening? Breakfast will be brought to you in bed, served on a tray with your favorite novel.

An early flight? She will spend the day before preparing your suitcase and setting your alarm to be sure that you are at the airport on time.

When a woman loves, she does it in an unreasonable and illogical way. But, this is also what makes our charm…

6 / She initiates physical contact

No, I know what you’re thinking … She won’t jump on you. By cons, she will not hesitate to touch your shoulders or lean discreetly on you for a few seconds.

Love is an exceptional chemical phenomenon. The hormones of happiness released during a thunderbolt have a long lifespan and will inexorably push it to get closer physically to you.

7 / She wants your relationship to be known to all

For a woman, talking about your relationship in public is not something to be taken lightly, especially if her friends and family have the annoying tendency to peddle gossip or to systematically look for the little black girl.

The fact that a woman wants to publicly speak about your relationship means that in her eyes, she found a soul mate.

No matter what people say, you are unique and know it.