7 signs you should take back with your ex

Ruptures are never easy to live with. Often partners go through difficult times when they miss their ex so much that they begin to question the break-up, especially if they are the ones who initiated it. If you are in the same situation and want to know if taking up with your ex would be a good idea, know that this is possible through a few signs.

Here are the 7 factors to consider before making a decision.

After the breakup, it happens that one of the two partners regrets his decision and begins to assess a possible reconciliation. However, it is not always easy and even less healthy to take up with your ex. Indeed, it may be that the relationship gets worse and that the second break is even more difficult. That is why, you must always take your time and analyze the situation well before making any decision. Generally, the chances of reconciliation depend on various factors. Here are 7:

The reason for the break:

Couples can break up for many reasons. Some of them are very serious while others are more banal and can easily be forgiven. So, before making your decision, assess the situation and determine the severity of the cause of the rupture. If it was only a minor concern, you can try your luck, however if the problem is bigger, it would be better to give up.

The duration of the break:

Everything is forgotten over time, even the most difficult breaks. The pain and pain disappear and the feelings diminish. Thus, the longer the duration of the separation, the less the chances of reconciliation are important.

How the rupture took place:

Depending on the situation, couples can break up in different ways. If some are unable to confront each other and are content with a message, others prefer to speak it out loud so that the break is more of an agreement. But in other cases, the ruptures can be violent, where the partners insult each other and say hurtful words to each other.

Thus, the chances of reconciliation will mainly depend on how the breakup took place. The more calm and friendly the breakup, the greater the chances of resuming with your ex.

Actions and behaviors after separation:

After the break-up, everyone acts differently. There are those who prefer to live with the breakup and suffer for some time before getting up for good and there are those who opt for distractions so as not to confront the situation. This is also why many people choose to start a new relationship.

But beware, these kinds of acts and behaviors can reduce the chances of reconciliation.

The degree of involvement in the relationship:

The degree of involvement of the two partners in the relationship is also to be taken into account when assessing a possible reconciliation. If you had a very serious relationship and were really committed, chances are you will get back together.
Note that couples who have children are much more likely to resume together, compared to those who do not.

Feelings :

Breaking up does not necessarily mean absence of feelings. If you miss your partner and think about him very often, you may still have feelings for him. But we still need to know if this is the case for him too. If even after the breakup, you continue to see your ex and you feel that the flame has not yet gone out between you, you are likely to come back together.

The capacity to forgive oneself:

Following a hard breakup, partners often find themselves injured and even end up hating each other. If you are able to forgive each other and chat calmly in order to move on, this is a positive point.