7 signs your man loves you deeply

You are in adoration for your Jules but is it the same for him? It is well known: when it comes to expressing their feelings, men play feigned discretion, to hide them too, in fact! To avoid getting lost and know if his heart capsizes for your eyes, here are some signs that prove YES, he loves you and that it is the rare bird.

Between you everything is fine but he still hasn’t made a fiery statement to you. Do not worry, men are more in action than in speech. There are these signs which do not deceive and which say a lot about his love, at least as much as the words. Proof by 7!

He treats you with dignity

As a perfect gentleman, he treats you with dignity and respect. He has only one word and he keeps it. He knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want, projects himself by your side, shows you that he is involved in this relationship and makes compromises. The fact that it involves you in everything and nothing, not to take its legs at its neck with the first galley which appears, it is that it holds you a great esteem.

He introduces you to his entourage

A man in love does not meet you secretly, between four walls, as if he was ashamed to appear with you. If he makes a special place in his life by introducing you to his family, and when he talks about you in the presence of his friends, his pupils dilate, he dreams only of one thing, to acquire as quickly as possible little love nest for both of you. He likes it for you, it is obvious.

He cares and cares about you

It is not indifferent to your charm, heard, but also to what you do in life, in your past, your childhood, the little story behind your scar on the forehead. He drinks your words when you speak vehemently of your fight to save the Cape penguins, he wants to know everything about you, in the smallest details, even the most trivial. There is no doubt about it, he is in love.

He only wants the best for you

Support is the essence of any couple. Your darling looks at you with the eyes of love, he is your biggest fan, your rock, he is always there at the right time, with comforting support. He has faith in you and in everything you do, even encourages you in projects of which he is not part. It values ​​you and helps you face the worst as the best.

You are his priority

He prefers to spend his weekends with you rather than hanging out with his pack of friends. He manages to reserve a table for you at your favorite restaurant, which has been full for weeks, and finds a way to free himself. He uses “we” when he talks about your two-person projects. Everything suggests that he is not looking for a relationship with no tomorrow.

He treats you like a princess

A man who treats you like a princess proves not only that he was raised by a queen but also that he loves you madly. The respect he has for you is reflected in the thousand and one details and habits of your common life. He respects and considers your wishes and your beliefs. It would never occur to him to laminate you, alone or in public, even less to belittle you. He puts you on a pedestal and adulates you. Love is in the air.

He gives you time

He is not the type to write to you intermittently or to disappear for days on the pretext that he was overworked. With him you sleep on your laurels, you never mess around with your brain wondering what it does or if it sees another. It does not leave you alone facing a burst of texting, on the contrary, It is present even when it has 36,000 things to manage. Bingo! You have picked up the correct number.