7 signs you’ve been single for too long

When celibacy becomes a way of life, a habit…!

Yes, celibacy is not a blemish, but when it drags on too long, there is cause for concern. Proof that you have been alone for a long time!

1.Half of your bed is a mess

Yes, you live alone, and you sleep alone, so what! You don’t have to apologize for everything you put on your bed. On the part where you do not sleep, there are books, a bottle of water, food that is probably left over from last night, tissues, the TV remote control, and even your PC. You are even scared just the idea of ​​sharing your bed and putting up with snoring from someone other than your cat.

2.Your hairs are getting longer!

You are probably saying to yourself, who will see if I don’t remove my hair, you haven’t shaved for weeks now. You are even ashamed to go to the beautician and have the right to disapproving eyes. There is something to be afraid of then, shave your hair!

3.You no longer pay attention to what you eat

Sharing your food has long ceased to be part of your vocabulary. You even manage to swallow an entire Big Mac. For dinner, there are only mono-ingredients: noodles, packets of surimis… Looks like you’re taking it easy.

4.When a handsome guy looks at you …

A charming man is looking at you intently, what is going on in your head is that there is something wrong with you. You immediately think of something stuck between your teeth or your makeup that goes into a spin.

5.New series, you don’t miss a thing

You are on the lookout for all the movies and series that have just been released or coming out soon since you spend all your evenings and Sundays in front of the TV gorging yourself. This is not a good sign, it is time for you to recover!

6.You regress!

Now you’re thinking about contacting your high school sweetheart. You just wait until you have the maximum courage to call him. Yes, you already know her phone number because you are a real investigator whenever you want. If that doesn’t work, there is always “Friends from before” to quickly extract information.

7.Your friends arrange dates for you

Nice as they are, they care about you, and try to fix you up with all the single men they meet. And the worst part of all this is that they are really foreign people: scrabble champion, a former prisoner and so on …