7 things a man should never tell his wife

For lack of tact or inattention, men can say things that are not always well interpreted by their partners. So here are the 7 sentences that men do not have to tell their wives.

Sometimes, a sentence without (or with) an ulterior motive is enough to trigger an argument. To avoid this, here are the things that men should not say to their darling:

This girl is a real bomb!

A pretty girl never goes unnoticed, for men, but also for women! So if a man notices, his girlfriend who accompanies him has necessarily seen too. No need to let him know, because she will not appreciate at all.

It’s not really pleasant to know that your partner finds another pretty woman or that he can be attracted to her.

I do not like your friends

No girl wants to hear that! Her friends are a bit like family. It is her protective clan, her counselors in case of trouble and the shoulder on which she can cry in case of heartache. They are therefore very important to her, and will not at all be criticized.

Verdict: it would be better to keep one’s opinion pure. If the man does not really support the friends of his darling, he can always avoid meeting them and spending time with them. It is also important to keep in mind that she too has her own opinion about her friends and she does not necessarily let him know!

What are you wearing?

Women often tend to criticize men’s dress, but do not accept when men do the same. This may be due to the fact that they give much more importance to this side and that a simple criticism can be a blow to their self-esteem. This is obviously not a general rule!

It is therefore advisable not to make such remarks to a woman or at least to say it in a subtle way, not to hurt her.

You can do what you want, but do not make me do it too:

If a woman asks her partner to participate in an activity with her or to accompany her somewhere, it is because she really needs him by her side. Even if it is a family meal or shopping, or other activities that a man would not want to take part in, he could make an effort, or tell him in the nicest of ways he can not go.
But telling her that she forces him to do something can be very misinterpreted.

Stop exaggerating:

In general, women are much more sentimental than men and take things much closer to heart than men. This is why their reactions are often perceived as exaggerated. However, the degree of “exaggeration” varies according to the character of each woman. It is important for men to put themselves in their partner’s shoes and try to understand things from their point of view.

Why do not you go to the gym?

Tell a woman to go to the bathroom sports is indirectly telling him that she has not a slim figure, in short, it’s big. No woman would want to hear that kind of sentence.

Gentlemen, you must accept your partner as he is, because after all the physical is only a small detail and it is the inner beauty that counts above all. The most important thing is that she feels good about herself and when she decides to lose weight, she will do it of her own free will, without being influenced by someone’s comments.

You are wrong :

To tell a woman that she is wrong when you know that she is not, will certainly put her off. And this is certainly the case for anyone whose credibility is questioned.

It is important to communicate well with your partner in case of problems, instead of blaming them, rather than confess that you are wrong.