7 things men can’t stand about you

You want a serene relationship with Jules, take these points into account!

It doesn’t matter whether you are handsome enough, whether you have a physique to knock out all the males, whether you are a real pro in bed, if you have the habit of screwing up your man’s mood, he won’t stay with you for long. Read carefully what will follow, and take note so as not to spoil Jules’ life.

1.Men hate your sick jealousy

Jealousy scares any man away. Yes, it’s true that guys are less jealous than women, and jealousy is proof that we care about our partner, but doing too much would be a mistake, especially unfounded crises. But it won’t be the same if you catch Jules in bed with someone else!

2.Men are not a fan of language decoding

When you are chatting with Jules or want him to do something, speak directly, and say the core of your thoughts clearly, as he has difficulty understanding coded language. Know that he is not a diviner, and that he does not know what is behind the way you speak. So, should he guess or just wait for a sign from the Almighty?

3.Men don’t like you spending an hour in the bathroom

Stop spending hours pampering yourself in the bathroom, because your boyfriend doesn’t understand why it takes you more than an hour to get ready, while for him, it’s 15 minutes high. So, ladies, try not to hog the bathroom and keep your sweetheart waiting. Get it all done in 30 minutes.

4.Men don’t like you to talk too much

Yes, when you chatter, no one can stop you. You’ve been in a discussion with Jules for over 20 minutes, but at some point he’s going to disconnect from the conversation, it’ll become a real monologue, and at the end, he’ll probably ask you “What, what- what did you say? ”

5.Men hate watching romantic comedies

Whether it’s at home or at the movies, men don’t like rose water movies, especially the unrealistic genre. Also, don’t force yours to watch a romantic comedy with you anymore. Do this when you are home alone.

6. men hate criticism

A lot of men don’t like to hear criticism from their partner whether it’s for them or for others, and your Jules certainly too. He can’t understand why you always have to voice your opinion about other people’s lives or the look of a girl walking down the street. He thinks that you will have to judge your life first before meddling in the lives of others.

7.men hate shopping

Few of the guys like to shop or like to spend the whole day shopping with their sweetheart. Your man surely doesn’t like it. He prefers everything except to expect you to try on dresses, jeans… that you are not going to buy and then have your arms loaded to carry your shopping.