7 things that strong, independent women will demand from a man

Going out with a strong, independent woman may be the best thing that can happen to you. These kind of women are self-sufficient, they have ambitions, aspirations, healthy and balanced life and do not need a man to fill a void in their lives. Thus, these kind of women do not need you, they want to bring you into their world and share it with you, there is all the nuance.

Some men seem generally intimidated by this kind of women. For fear of not being up to it, afraid of not being enough for them. A perpetual feeling of being only a “plus” in their life, easily ejectable. Know gentlemen that you are wrong all the way! You will not complete a strong and independent woman because she already is. Nevertheless, going out with these kind of women is the assurance of being his best friend, his life partner, his lover and his lover. You will not need to play the role of an assistant or a crutch on which she will constantly need to rest. Also, you will be sure to live a   relationship harmonious and fulfilling. So, if you meet these kind of women, do not run away, do these 7 things to keep it in your life. 

7 things to do to keep an independent woman 

  1. Respect the 

Respect is the basis of any relationship and this kind of women make a point of applying this principle. She will have consideration for you, respect your opinions, your emotions and will demand that you return the favor. She has been slow to find herself, to love herself and to be self-sufficient, and will not tolerate being with a man who is unable to treat her properly. 

  1. Do not rush Her

This kind of women need time to be sure of their choices. From their experiences, they learned not to jump in first and take the necessary time before bringing anyone into their cocoon. They will not easily trust you, and will be wary until you prove to them that you are worth it. Be patient, the “game” is well worth the effort. 

  1. Have compassion for her 

At first glance, this kind of women will make you feel cold and distant. Nevertheless, know that there is a reason behind this wall they built, at their expense. It is important for you to be aware that they have not always been so cold. They, too, have had their moments of weakness, doubt and disappointment. This is precisely what has shaped their character. Behind this facet of a strong woman, is actually hiding a person completely bruised by the experiences of life. 

  1. Give him some space 

They do not want freedom, they need it. It is a visceral feeling that they can not control and to which you must give a great deal of importance. Do not be offended by thinking that they do not love you enough to fully engage with you. On the contrary, it is precisely because you import them that they will need to find themselves alone, and to make the point with themselves to be totally fulfilled in order to better invest in your relationship. 

  1. Be honest with her 

Do not play with her feelings and do not manipulate her. Be true, honest and tell him the substance of your thought. Be transparent about your projects because to trust you, she will need to be sure that your intentions are noble and that you are not another boogeyer who seeks to give him a glimpse of happiness to better hurt her. 

  1. Love Her, sincerely 

It ties in somewhat with our comments about honesty. When a strong woman opens her heart to you, she never does it in half measure. If she falls in love with you, she will sincerely cherish you and do everything in her power to make you happy and happy. So be up to that love and prove to her that she was right to trust you. 

  1. Be ambitious and independent

An independent woman needs an ambitious man who will not always be behind her back. Someone who will understand the importance of hard work and who shares with her the cult of success and personal fulfillment. You are two different entities, so work each one on your side for your success to be more triumphant to two.