7 things the man who loves you will find adorable in your home

Never pretend to be someone you are not in order to impress the man you love! Indeed, be certain that if it is the right one he will love you for what you are, not for the one you want to be at all costs !! Stay yourself, otherwise, the more time passes, the more you risk being unhappy … Here are 7 things that the man who loves you will find adorable in your home:

1 / Your body

In your eyes he is certainly not perfect, but for him you are! He loves your forms and would not want to exchange your measurements for anything in the world! Yes, you have faults! Who can claim to be perfect?

But he will not see them, or else these faults will make you even crisper in his eyes …

2 / Your intelligence

Never say of yourself that you are stupid, it’s awful to hear, and it’s wrong! Everyone has different intellectual capacities, but failing to solve or understand certain problems does not mean that you know nothing!

You don’t have to be Einstein to please him. The man who loves you will find you brilliant no matter what.

3 / Your family

Ok, the man who loves you does not necessarily have to be a super fan of your whole family… But at least he will make an effort for you and for them, to love them as best as he can.

After all, if that is not already the case, your family may well end up becoming theirs too one day …

4 / Your passions

Your man will be proud that you have passions. Whether it be sport, drawing, music, singing, dancing … What do I know! He may not necessarily show it, he will be proud of what you achieve…

And he may even brag about it to his friends!

5 / Your eccentricities

You will be perfect in his eyes whatever you actually do … You may act like crazy from time to time, have your whims, your little quirks …

It might scare anyone who sees you, but not him! At most, he will join you in your delusions!

6 / Your voice and your laughter

You don’t have to have the voice of Maria Callas to charm him! The proof, even if he doesn’t see you for a long time, he will want to have you on the phone … Just to hear your voice!

And you can be ashamed of your laughter … But he loves her so much that he will do everything to hear her as much as possible on a daily basis

7 / Your animals

You may consider them your children! He will adopt them and give them at least as much love as you will give them … If he is not allergic to them!

But he will always be able to make an effort to take care of them.