7 things women do when they are unfaithful

Infidelity, the real killer of love, is one of the main causes of couples problems. And if it is often men who are less able to control their impulses and are more likely to cheat on their partners, women are also prone to infidelity. Tired of the couple’s routine or s exually dissatisfied, they can attempt an extramarital affair and embark on an affair to spice up their lives. And if some unfaithful women manage to hide their little game very well, it is still possible to unmask them thanks to certain signs.

Driven by the daily routine, a thunderbolt, the s exual dissatisfaction or the lack of attention on the part of their partner, the woman can deceive her to regain self-confidence or simply to give herself pleasure.

How to recognize an unfaithful woman? Discover 7 signs that do not deceive (unlike them):

She always asks to know your plans:

When your partner suddenly starts to take an interest in your daily or weekly program, this can cause doubt. An unfaithful woman often seeks to know the schedule of her companion, in order to avoid any chance meeting and to ensure that he will not be at home or that he will go about his business, when she has an appointment. with her lover.

She always has her head elsewhere:

Attentive in nature and always attentive, your sweetheart has suddenly become distracted and very thoughtful. She always has her head elsewhere, gradually distances herself and neglects you. These behaviors are usually signs that your partner is thinking of someone else.

She groans all the time:

You just have to leave the toilet seat lifted, forget to run an errand or put away your things, for it to go after you. Your partner is looking for the little beast and trying to create a hassle. Maybe this should make you think, because your sweetheart may have a lover and even want to break up with you.

She tells you that “he’s just a friend”:

She blushes, loses her words and is defensive every time you mention a specific person of the opposite s ex. When she feels that this is causing doubt in your home, she immediately catches up with you by telling you that he is just a friend. Beware of these new acquaintances or of these people with the status of “friend”, because he may very well be a lover!

She does not give you a precise answer during the arguments:

Now that arguments are an integral part of your daily life, you will notice that your partner manages them in a different way. If before, she took the time to communicate with you and made the effort to hear you or give you explanations, now this is no longer the case. She never answers your questions precisely and tries to dodge them as much as possible when you confront her. These are typical reactions of an unfaithful woman who wants to leave her partner.

She hides her phone:

It is enough that she feels your presence behind her so that she hides the screen of her phone, which she also always puts in silence once at home.

She no longer asks you to read her messages when her hands are busy, or to put her phone on charge. He’s with her all the time.

And even when you get your hands on it, you feel like you have an FBI agent’s cell phone. Everything is secure! A password to unlock the phone, then another to access the mailbox and two others to view her photos, But what can she hide?

This is also valid for her mailbox or Facebook account, which she no longer opens on the family computer and makes sure to log out if she ever does. Infidelity is in the air.

She is no longer romantic:

Your private dinners are no longer part of the program, just like many other romantic gestures that you used to do. Your partner no longer wants to make an effort to get your married life out of boredom and has lost all interest in s exual relations. This lack of attention and affection can be a sign of infidelity, because the woman fulfills her desires elsewhere with someone else.