7 things your guy will do if he really likes you

How do you know if your guy really loves you? He can’t have fun repeating “I love you” a dozen times a day anyway … Fortunately, there are certain signs, certain acts, certain gestures that do not deceive! So here are 7 things your guy will do if he really likes you:

1 / He will defend you

Contrary to what one might think, most guys are not confrontational. Many believe that it is useless to make waves for nothing. But if the situation arises, and your man loves you, then he will begin to defend you with passion. Because in his eyes, you are special.

2 / He will buy you your tampons/towels without complaining

It is however an aisle of the store in which a man does not like to be surprised! But if he loves you, then he will brave all his fears to go get the package of tampons/pads you need so much. And he will do it without complaining !!

3 / He will accept to watch your series rather than his own

The eternal conflict over the control of the remote control … We all know how difficult it can be for us to miss the flagship episode of a series that has been keeping us going for weeks! So if your guy willingly accepts (more or less!) To watch your series rather than his own, believe me, he loves you more than you might think!

4 / He will come to see you at work

Many men prefer to stay away from the workplace of their sweetheart. They prefer to wait until you are outside rather than being screened by the eyes of your colleagues! But if they are crazy about you, then they will not care about that! And we applaud all the more if you work in an essentially feminine atmosphere! (Except, obviously, if he CANNOT come because your management refuses strangers to your box).

5 / He will take care of you when you are sick

Does it bend over backwards to make your life easier while you are sick like not two? Be certain that he cares about you, because a guy who would love you without more would be content to say that he is sorry that you are in this state, without however doing everything to make your recovery the sweetest possible.

6 / He will let you help him

A man always finds it difficult to be vulnerable. And yet, with you, he will be able to be. You are one of the only people he can ask for help. So be there for him in those times

7 / He will hold your purse if you need

Let’s be honest, for any guy, holding his darling’s handbag isn’t at the top of the list of glamorous things he likes to do! But we will always do it for the woman we love. Because love goes way beyond everything else.