7 tips for a man to chase you! Pt 2

Your man neglects you, and you start to wonder if you are not too acquired in his eyes? We saw in the first part of this article that you may have lost your “challenge” aura. But this is far from irreversible! You will have to arouse the interest of the “hunter” who lies dormant in him.

It is time to regain power and return a “price” to his eyes!

To do this, we have already seen three useful tips to make him want to continue hunting. Let’s give him the final blow this time with the remaining four tips!

Tip # 4: step back to get more appointments

The principle is the same as for SMS: you do not have to be the initiator of all the meetings. You can suggest, say one in three, but let him get into the habit of initiating and organizing your outings.

Thus, he will be conditioned to take the lead and make the efforts necessary to seduce you.

Likewise, be the one who will end the meeting. And, if possible, at the most exciting time of the evening! As at an end of season episode of your favorite series, try to cliffhanger it … Did you notice this infallible technique of the screenwriters? When they end the plot when you absolutely have to know the rest? For example, when the hero is in danger of death or the situation deteriorates catastrophically … Nothing like it to keep the viewer in suspense until the next season!

Likewise, if you interrupt the date at the most pleasant, funny or moving moment, it will positively permeate your man’s mind. You will become his obsession because he will want to know more and see you again, to find this impression. While if you wait for the discussion to run out of steam, you are taking the risk of leaving her with the image of a boring woman…

Tip # 5: Learn to Flirt

It is difficult for a woman in love to really distance herself and conceal her feelings. But do not panic, you can cheat a little and reduce the impression that you are acquired by flirting with him.

Flirting, we do it very well at the very beginning of a relationship when the feelings are not quite there and we are still detached from the idea of ​​a couple.

Do you remember? That’s how you seduced him: by teasing him, by sending him spikes. At that time, you knew how to say “no” to him (which paradoxically is something very sexy in the eyes of men).

It is a kind of distancing, of “flee from me I am you” which activates their hunting instinct because it is a game of cat and mouse which he can win or lose. On the one hand, there is a challenge aspect and on the other, there is the fun and lightness that accompany this eminently fun exercise!

Tip # 6: Prepare to distance yourself

To keep the interest of a man on the alert, it is sometimes necessary to know how to distance yourself because you will see that they react with great interest to the absence of contact! Did he (exceptionally) disrespect you? Decrease your involvement in the relationship! You will see that the same man who, two weeks ago, did not understand the reasons for your tantrums will immediately understand that he behaved badly.

In practice, stay natural and cheerful when making contact, but do not hesitate to book your next evenings outside (without him) to make him want to invest a little more…

Conversely, if you want this method to work, reward its “good deeds”. Do not be stingy with thanks when he is doing you a favor, tell him each time how grateful you are and how it makes your life easier / more pleasant. As we have seen, the man protects and provides for the needs of his family. By expressing to him how well he lives up to his “mission”, you give him the most precious compliments and push him to continue his efforts.

Tip # 7: Occupy Your Mind to Stop Thinking About It

Yes, but how can you break away, especially when you are emotionally dependent?

We have already talked about it, on paper, regaining power by knowing how to distance yourself has only benefits.

But we remain human beings, with our feelings, even our emotional dependencies and detaching from the person we love is often more difficult than it seems… You will probably be watching for each of their SMS and calls compulsively for a while until your sweetheart has taken up your new habits.

Don’t fall for it! It will be very painful but be strong, you will be quickly rewarded by seeing a new dynamic appear, more to your advantage, in the relationship!

In the meantime, take care of yourself (shopping, SPA, treatment, etc., the list of potential activities is long!)! See friends, do the things you enjoy, but wait until they come back to you. Weren’t you to try your hand at pottery? Maybe this is the time?

Here we are at the end of our seven tips, that’s a lot of information to integrate! You will, therefore, have remembered that to regain power, you must express your femininity by … doing nothing! Stop “working” on your relationship, stop holding it at arm’s length  Why should he make an effort when you take care of everything? Leave it to your man to find the lead! This is how you will awaken his hunting instinct and maintain his attention for a long time! It’s up to you to play (or rather to do nothing…)!