7 tips for a man to chase you! Pt1

Do you feel that your Jules’ interest in you is decreasing? Or are you looking to seduce a man who seems to take you for granted? Perhaps it is because you do not take sufficient account of his “hunter” instinct. For a man, seduction is also a game, which he gets tired of if it seems too easy …

In other words, you can lose some of your attractions to him if you do not represent a challenge!

How to regain power and become “the price”, for which Monsieur will fight? How to maintain your interest in the long term and make sure that he sees only you?

Get rid of relationship patterns …

“Hello, Julie?” It’s terrible! Snif … The handsome guy I met online … You know [snif], the one I really liked … And much more news for 5 days !!! [snif] I will never find a person! ” Well these words, this is not the first time that Julie hears them in the mouth of her girlfriend, Sandra. She even heard them often…

It is that, it seems, Sandra has developed a real relationship with men: during the first meetings, everything is fine. She is beautiful, smiling, sociable, attractive and the men scramble for a second date and multiply the attentions to seduce her. She is not necessarily convinced right away, she hesitates, tries a second meeting … Then a third …

But quickly, Sandra falls under the spell and this, particularly, after sleeping with her new sweetheart (normal, these are the natural effects of oxytocin, the hormone of attachment, that the brain of women synthesizes after contact physical / s**xual). There, his behavior changes. She always wants to see her dear and tender, watches her SMS, never leaves her in the evening, etc.

Monsieur, who until then had been playing the serenade to him, begins to detach himself and become more distant. Madame feels it and panics, and clings all the more… What happened?

Because Sandra, like all of us ladies, started losing her independence when feelings arose. While she kept a respectful distance and doubted at the beginning of the story, Monsieur felt the challenge and kept trying to prove to him that he was the ideal candidate. Once this goal was reached, Sandra became established in his eyes … and began to lose interest.

Tip # 1: open your mind to “recondition” your brain

So yes, I propose to give you some tips to reverse the trend. But I warn you ladies, it will not be a pleasure to apply them because they are completely counter-intuitive for a woman . But you’re going to have to force yourself. Why?

Because you don’t want to be Sandra anymore. And you also don’t want to be like Julie, who is in a relationship, of course, but with a nice boy, a little emotionally dependent, whom you wouldn’t want for anything in the world.

Fortunately, it is possible to “repackage” the brain , or at least to change its attitude to achieve a completely different result. Do not hesitate to reread this article several times, to put it in your favorites to return to it at leisure, to immerse yourself in these notions that go against our habits of “modern women”.

Tip # 2: develop your feminine energy

In a professional context, we are asked on a daily basis to be proactive, efficient, committed … So logically, these are qualities that we have the reflex to apply naturally in our love life! A man just met doesn’t call us after three days? Never mind, we show initiative and remember it. After all, we are in the 21 th century, right? Decades of feminism have gone by, so why not take action?

Well, simply because an action is a masculine value. And that has nothing to do with feminism or gender inequality! Men and women are just different … And in seduction, it is in your best interest to let man act. It is he who must convince you and not the opposite, otherwise he will be scared away. Man gives while you receive.

Why? Because it brings us back to instincts from hundreds of thousands of years of evolution! The man is a hunter, who protects his clan and provides for his needs. Protecting and providing for these needs are two fundamental aspects of understanding male psychology and the attitude of men in their relationship.

You must, therefore, to release your feminine energy, stop trying actions, and learn to receive, without embarrassment, because it is by rendering services and taking initiatives that a man will become attached to you. And besides, it is also a way for him to show you your feelings.

So I’m going to ask you, if you feel your man distancing yourself, to do one extremely difficult thing: do nothing more. Expect him to take the lead.

Tip # 3: Use SMS to Keep Your Man’s Hunter Interest

Texting is a formidable weapon to express your feminine energy… In what way?

Avoid initiating the first contact.

The idea is always the same: if you are always the one who writes first, then you will quickly appear as “needy”. On the contrary, if your man does not hear from you, he will first wonder what you are doing (and with whom!) And then if you really care about him, since you ignore him…

Do you think that suddenly, he will never write to you? Think again, if he has a minimum of you (which is a prerequisite essential to a relationship!), He will do what it takes to maintain contact and “re-seduce” you.

Again, I am well aware that this small (no) action will cost you. You’ll want to start the conversation. But remember Sandra: you have to try something else.

Likewise, you do not necessarily have to respond immediately to text messages. There is not really a rule, but it will have to be tested. If your Jules answers you as quickly as you write to him, then the rhythm is adapted. If you feel that the answers are getting longer, then take a few hours to bounce back. This should get him back on track! On the whole, the ideal is to apply a rhythm of responses similar to hers.

With these first tips, you already have the keys to boost the challenge and become the femme fatale that your man will want to seduce on a daily basis.