7 tips for introvert-extrovert couple relationships

This is something that happens much more often than you think: an introvert and an extrovert are in a relationship, and quickly realize that they have habits. and very different behaviors when faced with the same situations! Which is not necessarily always easy to understand and manage on a daily basis… Here are 7 tips for introverted-extrovert couple relationships!

1 / Accept your differences

Do not try to change your darling! On the contrary, accept the fact that your sweetheart can act very differently from you. Even if you wanted to, you’d be hard-pressed to change your partner, since a profound change only takes place over time, and if the person really wants to. So do not force your partner to be someone he/she is not and does not want to be. You are different, it’s your wealth!

2 / Respect yourself

Respect yourself! If you don’t have to demand that your partner change, don’t let yourself be changed either! Do not try to become someone that you are not … You have every right to want to go out, or on the contrary stay at home to have a posed Netflix popcorn evening! Respect your needs and the needs of your partner, whatever happens, you will be much happier.

3 / Agree to compromise

We told you just before respecting your needs, but also those of your partner! Do not become an eternal egoist. Yes, in a relationship you will necessarily have different desires and expectations, but if you want things to work, you are going to have to compromise. In other words, take turns making the effort to go out every other weekend, and to stay in a small group the other weekend… In short, alternate so that you are both satisfied!

4 / Know how to recognize the benefits of going out with your opposite

An introverted-extroverted relationship is always a great opportunity to evolve in life. So if you are an extrovert, you will learn to taste the joys of a quiet evening at home, and if you are introverted, you will gradually be able to take more pleasure in going out to see the world in the evening! Of course, it will surely require a little work and a little time, but it will come!

5 / Get out of your comfort zone

It’s difficult yes! Especially generally for introverted people … But tell yourself that this is the opportunity to work on yourself and gain maturity! So, if your darling offers you an activity including an important social dimension, do not start to refuse as a whole, and vice versa! Do not play martyrs because your darling would like you to spend more time in an intimate setting…

6 / Give yourself the necessary space

This is true in all couples … And even more so in introverted-extroverted relationships! Because no, of course, you don’t have to do everything together. You can have a great time each evening on your own, doing the activities you really want to do. Obviously, this should not be the case 7 days a week! And you will have even more fun meeting up and sharing your different experiences together!

7 / Realize how much the other completes you

And how nice it is !!! What one of you does not have, the other will have for him. The extrovert will help the introvert to come out of his shell more, the introvert will help the extrovert to realize the value of moments spent alone… In short, you will gain all of them! And it’s a great opportunity for your personal development! And that is worth all the misunderstandings in the world.