7 tips, how to approach a girl during the day to make her fall in love

The most common thing when you like a girl are doubts about how to approach and talk about your emotions. The key is to practice with other people you don’t know. How to approach a girl during the day to tell her about your feelings of love?

1.- Most importantly, make eye contact and smile

That you look at her and smile may be enough for her to realize that you want to talk to her. Eye contact and the way you do it is the most important thing before speaking to him. Look away and look at her again.

When you look at a woman repeatedly it means that you are interested in meeting her. She will take it that way and feel flattered, but don’t wait too long or she will feel confused.

How to approach a girl during the day expressing interest? It is very important to smile while looking at her. She will understand your friendly smile as an interest in meeting her. If she likes the idea she will reciprocate.

2.- Let your body language speak to her

It is not easy to approach a girl in a public place and that is the way it has to be to really interest you. Don’t get nervous and if you get nervous focus on breathing well.

You don’t have to say anything personal to her, just say hello, ask something, etc. Just pay attention to your body language, keep it upbeat, and respect their personal boundaries.

It’s all about what your body language communicates. Because she will interpret your fear as threat and your security as confidence. In other words, you have to practice a lot with other people.

3.- Express your interest and tell him how good it looks

How to approach a girl that you like? From the first contact she should know that you are interested as a woman and not as a friend. But you have to know how to do it.


It is important that you speak to her confidently, as if you already know her. For example, hey I know you’re very busy, but you’re beautiful. More than your words, the message must be in your body language.

The most important thing when approaching a girl that you like a lot is not to scare her. A smiling greeting is a good start. Telling him that something very strong can be the end.

4.- How to approach a girl during the day

You like the way she looks, but what kind of girl is she? Is it someone you can spend time with and feel good about? I don’t know anything about you, is there something you like to do with a stranger?

With this question you tell her that she is attractive and you want to meet her. But you’re not sure if she’s the right girl. Now she must tell you something that will make you stay.

5.- Invite her to spend time with you

How to approach a girl that I really like? When you are really sure that this girl is for you, you will not doubt. You are going to invite her, you are going to make a date right there.

You want to meet her, talk, look at her, enjoy her company. Then invite her to a nearby place. Eat an ice cream, do something to keep getting to know each other.

6.- You must ask for their phone number

The best way to approach a girl during the day is by being fun. In the same way, when you manage to invite her somewhere, ask her for her phone number in a fun way.

Don’t use conditional questions like, “Can you give me your phone number?” Instead say, do you have your best friend’s picture? Or, what is the best message they sent you today?

It is possible that you are still suspicious and do not want to advance to that most intimate point. Don’t force it, it just keeps being fun. If it is open, tell him to send you and give him your number.

7.- Talk about what you master and listen carefully

How to approach a girl that I do not know and like? Be natural and practice talking and greeting other people you don’t know. Approaching a beautiful girl is not something that is done well without practicing.

Find something you like about her. Have a lifestyle and frequent places where there are people practicing what you like. That way it will be more natural for you to talk to a girl you don’t know.

For example, take your dog for regular walks. Talk to every girl who has a dog or likes your dog. Tell her what you like about her, for example “your dress matches your eyes very well.”

The best option how to approach a girl during the day is your habit. You have to have that habit of speaking sympathetically to unknown girls.