7 tips on what to do when a girl looks at you smiling

What does it mean when a woman does not look you in the eye and smiles? When a woman likes a boy, she will not tell him with words, but with gestures. So what to do when a girl looks at you smiling? First clarify if that girl also likes you.

If you don’t like her, just say hello, thank her and say no with a gesture. The important thing is that you have the habit of being a gentleman. But you would be much more of a gentleman if you approach, greet her and start to know her. Do not tell him not only because of his appearance.

1.- If a girl looks at you and you like it, come and say hello

When a woman stares into your eyes, what does it mean? It may be that you look something strange, you remind him of someone or he is interested in you. One look is not enough to say that he likes you.

But if you like it, you should come closer and look for a conversation. Even if you like very little or nothing, if she is within your reach, you should offer her your friendship. The point is to create the habit of connecting with a woman.

2.- What to do when a girl looks at you smiling

When a beautiful girl looks at you and you like what you see, what you will do will be the usual. If you did not create the habit of being friendly with women, nothing will happen when you see someone you like.

So it’s not about what it means when a woman looks at you and smiles. It can mean many things, the point is what do you want. Are you training yourself to go for what you like?

3.- If he looks at you and looks away several times, talk to him


If a girl looks at you and smiles, she is not necessarily in love with you. It may just be the moment. You are there, she is there, she is very sociable and friendly and is curious about you.

What to do if a girl looks at you and smiles? If she looks at you and looks away, but does it several times, she’s telling you, come over and let’s talk. With this gesture she is already facilitating communication a lot.

4.- If he looks at you from time to time, pay attention to him


Why does a woman look at you and don’t talk to you? Most women when they are interested in a boy will only communicate non-verbally. If the girl is shy she will be even more subtle and reserved.

What to do when a girl looks at you smiling ? If he looks at you from time to time he is inviting you to pay attention to him. She may be interested in being your friend or something else if you are very cheerful and brave.

5.- If every time he sees you he makes exaggerated movements


When a woman likes you as a man, she has already seen you many times in numerous circumstances. She knows you a little and feels attracted, but it is you who has to approach and make her fall in love.

What to do when a girl looks at you and smiles making gestures with her hands or her hair? She wants you to notice how attractive and willing she is to interact with you. Say hello and talk about what you like.

6.- If he smiles and plays with his hair, he likes you

What to do when a girl looks at you smiling and playing with her hair? If he does this every time they meet, he is telling you that he admires you as a man. Has loving feelings with you.

If she also laughs at anything you say to her, she is in love with you. But this does not mean that she is served, no. You have to fall in love with her and make her feel that you really like her as a woman.

7.- What to do if a girl looks at you a lot smiling


One look can say many things. To know what you have to do immediately to a glance you have to be used to appropriate spontaneous reactions.

With a look, a girl may be inviting you to talk or telling you to stay away. If she is a shy girl, the messages in her eyes can be very confusing.

You realize his look when you look too. Do you like what you look at? If so, far apart from what your eyes say, go for what you like. Become a man who seeks what he deserves.