7 ways to be more affectionate with your man so that he feels loved

Movies and TV shows teach that love is demonstrated through great detail, holding a stereo under the window of your loved one, making a great declaration of love at the airport or in the rain.

But the reality is very different, in real relationships, there is no background music or audience to applaud his kiss. Neither are the little birds that will sing at your window at dawn.

In real life, the real details are in knowing your partner, learning his expressions, his look, the way his eyes shine when he is happy, how to touch him to excite him, how he likes to resolve a conflict, or when he needs a space to himself.

We always see advice on how to make a woman happy or details that make her fall in love, but this also applies to men, they also like to feel loved, desired, and respected. If you have a good man by your side, he also deserves attention and affection.

Regardless of whether you are just starting out in your relationship or have already had a long journey together, here are some tips to make your man feel more loved.

1. Praise him

Many times we have the wrong perception that only women like to be told that they look good, that they are smart or attractive. But there is nothing further from reality than this.

Men love knowing that the woman they love finds them attractive, or smart. Let him know how attractive you find him in that shirt, or how much you like his smell when you hug him.

Congratulate him on his accomplishments, and acknowledge when he excels at an activity he does. Let him know that you love him, admire him, and are attracted to him.

Think of those compliments you like to hear from him, and all the words and comments that make your day and reciprocate. This will not only make him feel loved, but it will also inspire him to treat you the same way.

2. Let him know that you appreciate what he does for you and your family

If you work all day outside the home, you can be sure that even if you love your job more than once, you may feel the desire to send it all to the trash, and quit your job, but you don’t, possibly thinking of you and your family…

Letting them know that you appreciate the effort they put into their work every day can be the best reward they can feel when they get home from a long day. When you acknowledge what it does for you and your family, you are motivating it to keep going despite discouragement.

If, on the other hand, he stays at home supporting the children and chores around the house, in the same way, your recognition and gratitude for his work will not only brighten his day but will motivate him to continue doing a good job.

We currently live in a society where we are always looking to find faults and criticize those who live in a different way so that support and appreciation at home from the woman you love will surely make her feel valuable and important to you.

3. Find time to keep things warm in the room

The best physical intercourse occurs when there is intimacy, desire, and open communication between both parties. When you both give yourself to the moment and express your love and passion for your partner.

We well know that once married and with children, it is a little more difficult to keep that flame alive, but an escape to a hotel or a romantic dinner prepared at home can help you prepare for that state of mind.

Maybe some photos together or something boudoir type, it is not necessary to be so explicit if you do not feel comfortable, but only details that can ignite his passion and let him know that you are thinking about him.

Think of that exciting time where you had a great time together, or that part of your body that you love, and let the desired flow. Tempt him to increase his desire for you, and when you finally spend your time alone you can both enjoy the moment to the fullest.

You don’t have to be a bomb to spice up your relationship, it just requires communication, self-confidence, and a desire to surprise him with something new and exciting.

4. Be understanding of his alone time.

Although many times this can be difficult for us, it is important to understand that he also needs time for himself. As women, sometimes we find it difficult to accept it and understand that he needs time to dedicate himself to exercising, checking his social networks, or any activity that he enjoys on his own.

However, as long as he makes time for you, it is not only important but necessary that both of you have time for your things. Take advantage of that time to dedicate it to yourself and do activities that you like, read a book, get a manicure or simply lie down to watch TV.

Think that if he has the freedom to do those little things that make him happy and fulfill him, this will have a positive impact on their relationship. He will feel happier, healthier, and more relaxed, so your relationship will feel the same way.

Instead of bothering you or wondering why he feels the need to be alone, support him and invite him to enjoy his time with himself. You can make plans together for later so that you will have more to talk about after spending time apart.

The next time he tells you he’s going to the gym, riding his bike, or to the stadium to watch a game, kiss him, wish him well, and smile approvingly. Don’t make him feel guilty for spending time without you.

5. Put your phone away

In today’s world, this is one of the most difficult tasks we can accomplish. There is always an email to attend, a notification to read, or a message to respond to. But it is necessary, put the phone aside and see the person in front of you.

Many times we miss out on great moments, due to the obsession of constantly staying connected to the world through the telephone. But your relationship can be harmed by that need to focus your gaze on the screen.

Take a moment to look him in the eye, and be grateful to have by your side the wonderful man with whom you decided to spend your life. You can agree on certain rules or traditions that help you both control this habit.

For example, no phones in bed or during dinner. In real emergencies, explain to your partner why you are answering the phone.

Once you learn to put down your phone, you will realize that it is best to be able to enjoy the moment and the company that is with you, without those unnecessary distractions.

6. When you buy something for yourself, buy something for him too

The money you spend is not the important thing, the essence is to show him that you think about him even when you are busy with other things. If you buy a coffee or some candy for yourself, take one for him. If you are at home and decide to make yourself a cup of tea, offer one to him as well.

Something as simple as a pen, a notebook, or a glass of his favorite team are details that make a big difference, and let him know that you know him and you know what he likes and needs, and that is present in your thoughts.

The effect that the words “I brought you something” or “I prepared something for you” is incredible, they can brighten his day, and tell him that you love him in one more way. In this type of thing, what matters most is the intention and the message that you convey to him by reminding him even when you are dedicating time to yourself.

7. Look him in the eye

To establish a connection between the two, it only takes a small moment, a few seconds of deep gaze into their eyes. You don’t have to spend a long time looking at each other like teenagers for that bond to emerge.

If you think about the things men love in their partners, that eye-to-eye look might not appear on any list. But I can assure you that a fixed look, with a playful or flirtatious expression, will produce an incredible effect on him.

When someone holds their gaze with ours, it gives us the feeling that we are the only important person in the room, so give them a chance to feel captivating in your eyes.

We well know that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so combine that look with a smile, and let him know how much you love him without the need for words.

A key to lasting relationships is making your partner happy through little shared moments, which should be reciprocal. Several studies show that a happy marriage is defined by the kindness that exists between the two of you.

Many of the things mentioned above are not easy to do, but once you set out to try it, you can see that the results are so wonderful that you are motivated to continue.

When you strive to make your partner happy, love him and give him the support he needs, it is a boomerang that returns to your relationship and gives you greater stability together. Forget those old clichés that it is only the man who should strive to be detail-oriented and make his partner happy.

Don’t be afraid to ask what things make him happy, you may be surprised to know that you may already be doing a lot of them. Those that don’t can guide you on how to cheer him up and make him even happier.

It is a chore for two, and that becomes a cycle as it is contagious. Love him, smile at him, give him little details that brighten his life, and enjoy a beautiful happy relationship together.