8 bad consequences that happen when a woman does not make love anymore

Making love is more important than anything else in our lives. In addition to being a way of expressing your partner’s feelings, getting pleasure, or giving yourself the means to expand your family, they also serve to energize parts of your body. , which has the advantage of keeping them in shape. Conversely, abstaining se xually for a very long time has repercussions not only psychological but also physical.

Not having s ex can really wreak havoc on your body in more ways than one. You would be surprised at the number of disadvantages that a period of abstinence entails. This is especially true for women, who tend to suffer a little more mentally than men. Here are some signs that a woman has not had s ex for a long time and that her libido is in decline.

Lower self-esteem

Your self-esteem is a serious blow, especially if you have had a period when you had s ex on a regular basis. Such a period of abstinence can make you doubt yourself, which will have an impact on the insurance you usually use.


Not having se x for a long time can be stressful, and stress can lead to an early aging process. Not having regular s ex also lowers the libido that will end up being half-mast.

Lack of sleep

In the present life, our brain is constantly solicited; it is almost always running, making sleep sometimes difficult. Studies have shown that having se x can help you fall asleep faster. Lack of sleep can also affect libido, which can help lead to an infernal spiral. 

Higher risk of becoming ill

It may sound crazy, but not making love can actually increase your chances of getting sick. The reason is in fact related to lack of sleep, if you do not sleep well, you increase the risk of contracting several diseases. In addition, making love strengthens the immune system and avoids several pathologies. Studies have also shown that people who have s ex regularly live longer.

Medications affecting libido

Some medications can contribute to a period of abstinence. There are also many drugs, one of the side effects of which is the loss of libido. If you do not want to risk having a lower libido, it is important that you talk to your doctor. 

Less sociable

This is one of the ironic consequences of not having s ex. Except that in order to break this vicious circle, you have to be ready to interact with other people, because not having s ex leads you to introversion. 

Less memory

Not having Making love for a long time can really affect your memory and your ability to remember things. This can dominate your thoughts, so you are less likely to focus on other aspects of your life and remember them.

Weight gain

This does not necessarily affect everyone, but if you do not exercise regularly, a lack of se x can make you gain weight. A person can burn 100 calories on average during se x, which may not seem like much but is an important factor over time. Exercise may also help you fight off some of the other symptoms on this list, so it’s important to keep this in mind and take it into account.