8 best reasons to call your ex back

To call him back or not to call him back?

Reuniting with your ex can be good, despite the remarks of your caring best friend who heard and even recorded your complaints many times when you and your ex were still together. “Are you going to call him back after all he’s put you through?” But what he doesn’t know, and neither do you, is that there are real good reasons to do so.

1.He knows you inside out

You don’t need to remind him that you are allergic to seafood, and you know not to ask him how his grandmother is doing, because she’s already gone. Besides, he also knows that you don’t like romantic comedies and that you can’t stand woolen sweaters. In short, a real time saver! And since he knows almost everything about you, all the shame has fallen, he even saw you vomit at the bottom of the bucket!

2.You need a helping hand

Plumbing work, broken window, little miscellaneous repairs… why call someone else when you know your ex is doing well at DIY? One, you’ll save money on your wallet, and two, you’ll be able to dwell on the past once the work is done. This is also valid if you move, and then it’s another way to tell him your new address, smart!

3.You still have it in mind

Even though your recent meeting may have refreshed you during the summer, it failed to freeze your memories because you still miss your ex. The brain is very resistant to new procedures and changes. So if you persist, he pulls the handbrake straight away and does anything to draw your attention to the past. When you cover up all the bad times you spent with your ex, your brain will play dirty tricks on you by focusing only on the positive. The truth is, you haven’t found better yet. If you thought the grass would be greener elsewhere, you’ve missed it!

4.The newcomer is not at the top

Once the mourning for the breakup was over, you had new experiences, and quickly, your new partner showed the same limits: criticisms about your “particular” musical tastes, remarks on your propensity to forget birthdays, reproaches on the hygiene of your pet… Worse yet, the relationship is already in decline. Comparing your present with your experience, your ex, it seems that you were much happier with him. Maybe the problem from the start, in fact, is you …

5.You need to confide

Whether it is your s**xual fantasies, your digestive problems, your questionable tastes in television programs … the prospect of finding a new partner comes up against your aversion to having to reveal once again these inglorious aspects of your intimacy. There is no need to increase the risk of this kind of information getting out. Your ex was also your best friend, and still is. Who else do you want to complain to about your new boyfriend, tell your latest gossip…?

6.He had irrational worship for you

He loved you beyond reason. Although it can be bulky at times, you miss it. Since the breakup, you have lost your status as a divine being to whom everything was owed. You’ve become that pathetic, mediocre human being again, and you need someone to sing about your beauty and charm daily. Come on, call him back to get you back on your pedestal!

7.You have a lot of memories in common

There is a history between you, and it will always be fun for both of you to step back into the past and recall your memories. You will fall back on these photos where he had earrings, where he wore his famous perfecto, and you, a tank top like a sports jersey with a number registered while going to the concert of Usher!

8.To give him back his things and take back yours

Because your story is beautiful and well ended, so be it! You might as well give him back all his personal belongings that he left with you. And in the process, it is the occasion or never also to take back your forgotten stuff in his apartment. A duvet cover like this is not found everywhere! What idea also to have lent him books before having finished them? So it might be worth calling him back to see each other.