8 conversation ideas to have with a guy

Discussion topics that flinch guys!

Whether you are in the middle of a business of seduction, whether you are going for a first date or whether you are already in a relationship, white people and blockages still terrorize you? But that’s not all, because you can already see yourself stammering and accumulating the killing silences. Relativize, he’s just a guy after all! With this checklist of discussion ideas, you’re going to be serious!

1.Talk about weather

Yes, the weather-focused discussion is pretty commonplace, but it’s a great way to start a conversation. It’s always better than being silent, right? The good weather, torrential rain, snowfall… anything can pass, as long as you do it with more subtlety and finesse. Don’t be the perfect asshole who exclaims with pride when he sees the sun shining prominently: “It’s nice, isn’t it?” »Show a little ingenuity, talk about traffic jams caused by rain, cold and your cold… and so on.

2. Talk about work

Talking about work is inevitable, especially when it comes to a colleague. Find out how it goes on its side, free yourself from certain frustrations related to your work … You can even reveal some gossip that revolves around a common enemy to get you closer. If you are not in the same box, you might as well find out what made him want to do his current job. However, remember that this is not a professional interview, so jokes and humor are in order. Ask him if he aspired to be a magician when he was little, because you wanted to be a real princess, but you had given up, though… mystery!

3.Talk about music

Swap your musical tastes, for sure, the two of you will come to a point of agreement that such an artist sucks completely or how much the lyrics of a song can touch you. When you start to hum a melody together, it’s right in your pocket! Do not venture to do a whole vocal demonstration, as long as you are a member of a choir, because you are not alone at home or in the shower, he may get scared. If the opportunity arises for a musical outing or a concert, take the opportunity to offer him another date.

4.Talk about cinema

You can talk about the last hot movie you saw or ask them about their movie leanings. You can talk about how Deadpool really was such an atypical antihero. But beware, we shouldn’t mention how so chewable Ryan Reynolds was in his costume, otherwise you’d get toast: guys are less up to the competition, especially if it’s compared to a superhero, the at stake is high. In the same vein, neither should Charlize Theron’s shaved head be demeaned in the new Madmax, because it is an icon for a lot of guys. Again, you can offer to go to the movies.

5. talk geek

Between smartphones, laptops, applications … guys are always a bit geeky. You can impress her by bragging about your latest phone. Show him how connected you are to these new technologies. If you feel so off the mark, and even now you don’t realize that you can download music from the Internet, stay calm. Ask him how, and see how much he’ll show off to wow you. This is another way to throw flowers at him while educating yourself – two birds with one stone!

6.Talk about cooking

Talking about cooking is also a way of getting him to invite you. Let him know your culinary tastes, the little dishes you love so much and your favorite restaurants. You must not in any case allude to the dinners spent with your exes under penalty of banishment. Guys love girls who love good food, without pretending to be a real insatiable ogress. To spice things up, ask him if he has ever tried insects, a subject that can really get the blues.

7.Talk about travel

Travel is always a dream, because it refers to holidays, relaxation and is a source of well-being. You can throw in some anecdotes about your last stays. It is also possible to invent certain details to enhance your stories, always to keep the conversation going of course! Also let him speak on the subject. You can ask him which countries he would like to visit or the places he has already visited… On the occasion, you can both transport yourself to a deserted paradise island where the beach stretches out on the horizon, and where the the sea is a breathtaking azure blue… But for now, pull yourself together, and continue the discussion with another idea from this list.

8.Talk about jokes

If any context reminds you of a joke, take the opportunity to tell it. A good joke is always a good way to lighten the mood. However, there are some basic rules. Stay in touch with the subject so that your joke isn’t taken for a hair in a soup. It should also not be too long so that Jules is hardly bored. And last but not least, there’s a worse crash than forgetting the end of the story. So, before you start, be sure that Lady memory is indeed present.