8 little things to do every day to strengthen your relationship

Because a couple is a job at all times, if you want yours to last securely over time, you must not procrastinate! So we roll up our sleeves, and we make sure to act daily for the good of our relationship, in order to make communication and good understanding much more fluid and easy! Here are 8 little things to do every day to strengthen your relationship! Apply without moderation

8 little things to do every day to strengthen your relationship:

1 / hug you

Never underestimate the power of a hug … It may seem harmless like that, but hugs help stimulate a hormone: oxytocin. It has a beneficial effect on well-being, libido and affection while reducing stress, anxiety, and blood pressure! So for your good and that of your spouse, please don’t save on hugs! Even after several years of living together !!

2 / Say words of love to you

Because yes, maybe you know that you love yourself, but if you don’t get into the habit of saying it out loud you will gradually feel it less … And to do this, you have at your disposal a large panel of statements! So vary a little from the “I love you” (always magic, but classic and sometimes repetitive) so as not to mitigate its effects. You will find on Talking about Love many ways to tell your darling how much you love him … So do it once a day for the good health of your relationship!

You can also write him a wonderful love letter or send him a sweet word of love.

3 / Notice and say positive things

Over time, the eyes become dull, and it is often more difficult to admire his / her partner … So we open our eyes, and we look at his / her darling as if it was the first time that we discovered him/her!

Try to pay attention to details, especially men, who tend to be less observant … New haircut, makeup, manicure, pretty sets … But beware, don’t confine yourself to the physical! Be just as attentive to the attentions, and services rendered by your sweetheart, do not take them for granted because you are in a relationship! Thank your darling, and let them know how happy you are to be with them, and grateful for everything they do.

No way you spend a day without kisses!

5 / Go to bed at the same time

It may sound silly, but you will quickly notice if you do not do this, that you will distance yourself from each other and that your complicity will be tainted! Of course, from time to time, your schedules and work can prevent you, but make sure it stays anecdotal!

Going to bed at the same time will allow you to give yourself a little hug (or more if affinities…) just before going to sleep. Or to put yourself against each other in a spoon, and that, there is nothing better for sweet dreams!

6 / Talk to each other

Even if you don’t see yourself every day, it is important that you have a note, a word, a short text message or a call for your sweetheart. Show that you are thinking of him/her even with distance. If you live together you might tend to think it is won in advance, but an active conversation that benefits the couple is not always easy to have on a daily basis with work, routine and fatigue!

So we try to make a little effort to share the things of our day, and to listen to each other. You two will emerge winners!

7 / bring a little madness and lightness into the daily life of your relationship!

Tell jokes, make the clown, play like children … In short, be crazy !!! Keep it serious for the job (well, you have the right to have fun of course …), and bring a little madness and lightness into the daily life of your relationship!

Of course, you will not always have the head to have fun, and certain situations require to be serious, you are not asked to play immature. But know how to nurture your child’s soul, laugh, and smile when you are together. In short, to be happy! And in many circumstances; for example, when you cuddle under the duvet, nothing requires you to remain deadly serious! On the contrary, do not hesitate to laugh and smile, it will do you a lot of good, you will see!

8 / Eat together

As with the dodo, the meal is an important moment in the life of couple. It is not only a question of eating here, but of spending special time with your darling, a time of sharing! So you don’t just empty your plate, put it in the dishwasher, and leave on your own!

Take advantage of being there both sitting at the table to discuss. Ideally, cook and/or empty / wash dishes together! On the one hand, you will have the feeling that what can usually be a chore takes place much faster, on the other hand, you will reinforce your complicity while preventing from creating conflicts of the kind “it was your turn of dishes yesterday then you move!