8 phrases to recover from a difficult separation

A few little nudges to bounce back from a breakup!

To bounce back from a romantic separation quickly, it is essential to replace dark thoughts with more positive things. You probably tell yourself that it’s easy said than done, but with these beautiful sentences very easy to memorize and which contain great truths, you will quickly forget your ex, and you will be able to start again on new bases to conquer the heart of a charming young man. Without further ado, here are the sentences that will help you see the end of the tunnel.

1. “True love is seen”

Your ex likes you, he thinks you are nice, he has a lot of fun with you … but if he considers you his soul mate, you would know it. If you doubt him, it’s because he doesn’t love you enough. So review your priorities to finally be happy. Besides, find the reasons that still push you in his arms. Whether you separated because of a misunderstanding or because he doesn’t love you anymore, think about your future without him. You deserve to live a beautiful romance like everyone else. So accept the fact that it didn’t work out between you, and recognize that it’s not for you. After taking a step back, you will realize that this was not the right person for you.

2. “Better to be alone than badly accompanied”

Remember, if you and your ex broke up, there is a reason. If you want to get it back, before you try anything, first remember the last moments you spent together. Certainly, you weren’t happy, because most of the time, the end of a relationship is sad. It is also possible that you told yourself horrors before you left. So ask yourself the question: “Do you want to relive this atmosphere? You don’t find that now you’re much better on your own. You see your girlfriends, you enjoy life while putting a great distance with your ex, at least the time to recover from your emotions and the change that resulted from your breakup. Once you feel good about yourself and ready to see your ex again, contact them,

3. “You cannot build with a person who is not ready”

Even if you put the maximum effort on your own, it’s impossible to get back into a relationship with someone who is not at all ready to commit. A love story always happens with two people, you like him, you have a long way to go, and you will not be able to walk it in his place. You will therefore have to make your own way, and let go to end this painful separation. Even if you want to get him back, you can stay tuned to his needs, and try to meet them, but know that the final decision is up to him.

4. “Wish for love, but no need to wait for it”

Love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to us. Certainly, life is better when you share it with someone, and like everyone else, you need affection, and without a person to love by your side your heart withers. Always have hope, and keep your fingers crossed that your ex is coming back or that love is knocking on your door again. However, there is no need to put your life on hold while waiting for true love. If he doesn’t want you anymore, no problem, find someone who will be happy to spend time with you.

5. “Even if rejection hurts, love only does good”

We tend to say that love hurts, but to tell the truth, it only makes us feel good. Yes, lies, contempt, coldness, indifference, rejection… hurt us, but love does not. If you are in pain right now, it is not love that is causing you pain, but your unhealthy relationship. So be aware of your story, and most importantly, accept the fact that not all relationships work. Even though there are one or two couples who are together from the start and have a successful relationship, there are also people who need time to find love. But rest assured, there are thousands of singles on earth.

6. “You deserve respect and love”

This phrase is just perfect if you want to get over a breakup. It doesn’t matter if your ex has always blamed you for your mistakes, your faults … you also deserve respect. So, don’t let anyone influence you, even the one you love, just be yourself, and don’t fall into emotional addiction. It is true that when we are in love, we minimize the gravity of the situation, and we find excuses for the other: “It’s my fault …” “I shouldn’t have …” All the pretexts are good not to throw stones at him. But it is after the healing that we realize that nothing was working. Sometimes, it’s when you’re in a new story that you notice something was wrong with the ex.

7. “Someday, someone will squeeze you so hard that the broken pieces will stick together”

Yes, love is the only one that can heal all the wounds of the heart. Even if it takes time, the day you feel truly loved, you will find that all your wounds will disappear. In the arms of the one who loves you and who will love you, you will quickly forget this sad period, and it will only be a bad memory. This separation, as hard as it is, will help you boost your self-confidence, as you will come out stronger and greater. Thus, you can start a new relationship while being confident. You will know that whatever happens, you will be able to bounce back.

8. “One day, someone will appear and you will understand why it didn’t work out with your ex”

It’s a beautiful ray of hope if you’ve spent your life trying to make your romance work. Know that a good relationship is easy even if couples still face problems. It’s a bit like any quality object: a pair of shoes, a fridge, a USB key… it’s not a constant struggle, it works, and that’s it.