8 really silly things men think about our clothes

When it comes to clothes, guys suck!

It’s a fact, guys and girls don’t always see things the same way, especially when it comes to clothes. Even if they know very well our inveterate love for fashion, sometimes they have really surprising ideas that make us jump every time. If you really want to know what they think about our clothes, just follow the guide.

1.Why put a belt with a dress?

For guys, the belt is only useful for holding the pants. So, they think it’s not really necessary on a dress. So we have to tell them that this accessory, especially when it’s pretty, can be worn with a dress because it perfectly emphasizes our hourglass figure. And then first, we do what we want with our super s**xy clothes!


2.Why not just take a size 38 from everywhere?

It’s exasperating, because in all this time, our partner has not yet understood that the sizes of our clothes are also a great mystery for us! He doesn’t know that we have to change sizes all the time depending on the brand, the model, and above all, our desires. Also, during the fitting sessions, it is essential to take 3 different sizes so that we can choose the model that suits us best.


3.Why does he say “tights” when we are wearing leggings?

It’s really hard to stay calm when Jules mixes up our tights or stockings and leggings on a regular basis. When we put a few things on our pretty legs that don’t really look like pants, these gentlemen panic, and they make really annoying confusion.


 4. Why an 80$ bra instead of a 5$ model?

Certainly, guys are not at all aware of the small fortune we spend when we buy our lingerie. Hearing such a remark is super annoying. Besides, we make sure to find the best underwear for the sole purpose of pleasing him… He could just say that it is pretty or compliment us on our tastes.


5.Why put on this pair of shoes when it hurts you?

The logical answer to this annoying question that comes up regularly is that she’s just super hot, and that’s why she can make us suffer martyrdom. The best ways not to have too much pain in your feet: calculate the distance to be walked well and not wear heeled shoes for too long, just to continue walking with dignity!


6.Why a new jacket when there are already more than ten in the closet?

When Jules asks this question, we take it as a declaration of war, because no one or even the one who makes our little hearts beat can criticize our addiction to shopping, and especially not the guy who manages to survive with only jeans and two sweatshirts. . This jacket, we must have it at all costs. For us, it’s a matter of life or life, and we certainly don’t need detox shopping!


7.Why put on this coat that doesn’t keep you warm?

The prettiest jackets are always light, and also, it’s super complicated to find a puffer jacket that makes us hot and s**xy, so we stop asking stupid questions. Besides, we like the freshness, that’s why we show off as a mid-season bomber in -10 degrees. If it’s that cold, we can also take the jacket Jules has on his back …


8.Why spend 200$ on a single top?

Spending 200 $for a top is a long-term investment, and guys, they don’t know that. Even if we explain to them dozens of times that a 5 euro T-shirt will not look like anything in 6 months when we have been wearing our top for 10 years already, they still cannot understand!