8 reasons why people deceive their partners according to scientists

Infidelity is a painful ordeal for the deceived person. Often traumatic, it can be the subject of several questions from the betrayed person who loses confidence in herself. It’s a moment that few people can overcome in a couple. There are some motives that cause people to cheat on their partner. Even if they do not forgive the act of infidelity, they can be useful to know in order to have a better knowledge of the functioning of the couple. This article was also relayed by our colleagues from Independent and is supported by scientific research.

Infidelity is a more common phenomenon than people think. According to an online survey of the Ifop, Institute of Opinion and Marketing Studies in France and internationally, more than one in two men and more than one in three women admit to having been unfaithful. The proportion of natives in France who declare themselves unfaithful has increased from 19% in 1970 to 43% in 2016, which is slightly more than double. A phenomenon more generalized and socially accepted than in previous decades.

Infidelity can be experienced as a trauma by the wrong person. Destruction of the couple, loss of confidence in oneself and in one’s partner, grudge, so many consequences that can lead the person betrayed to live deep distress. But the deceived person may feel alone wondering why she deserved to live that way. There are a few reasons that can motivate infidelity without excusing it. According to a  scientific study published in the  Journal of S ex Research, there are circumstances that can lead the individual to have an extramarital relationship.

1- There is an emotional distance between the two partners

Circumstances can push two people who love each other to be more distant emotionally. Professional imperatives, child-rearing or routine, are all reasons that keep a couple as close as they are. When this dynamic is established, one of the partners may feel aggrieved and seek intimacy elsewhere without communicating about his / her discomfort.

2- Your partner grew up in an environment where deception has been normalized

Education conditions the life of a couple. If the infidelity has been trivialized and suffered within the family nucleus, your partner will have fewer scruples to act. He will consider this behavior acceptable because he has been used to it.

3- Your partner was bored in the relationship

Once established in the couple, gloom is destructive. Boredom can cause your partner to want to commit misconduct to spice up his life.

4- Your partner is in a midlife crisis

The midlife crisis can lead to making reckless decisions. As a desire to make up for lost youth, it can be destructive for a couple.

5- Your partner wants to sabotage the relationship

Your partner wants to break up with you but does not know how to go about it or lacks courage. To avoid confronting this situation, he will try to sabotage the relationship by any means possible, including infidelity.

6- Your partner is not satisfied se xually with you

Fulfilling s ex life is the cement of a couple. Otherwise, your partner may try to fill this gap through another relationship.

7- Your partner lacks self-confidence

Without wanting a serious relationship with his / her partner, the unfaithful person may simply want to test his seduction with someone else. In question, a lack of confidence or a desire to ensure its potential seduction.

8- Your partner is acting out of revenge

Without having verbalized what he blames you for, your partner may want to take revenge by resorting to infidelity. This is a willingness to hurt you to take revenge against a prejudice suffered.