8 secrets to becoming an ideal man

Be the guy every girl dreams of having!

You are single looking for your soul mate, and every time, the girl you want is never available, either she is married or she is already dating someone, or she is simply not interested to you. One thing is for sure, you need to change a couple of things to get to please the woman you want. Of course, you don’t have to transform into David Beckham or Brad Pitt to become a successful man with girls, because the goal is to improve the way you build your life: your daily habits, your lifestyle, your lifestyle. vision of things … Although it takes work on yourself, with a little effort and patience, you will be the ideal man, and here are 8 secrets to get there.

1. learn to observe

For a long time, you focused too much on your conquests that you forgot to watch your opponents take action. What you will need to do is pay close attention to what kind of men the girl of your dream likes. Don’t think that you are going to use the same flirting techniques as well, but observation should give you clues. With this, you will better know how to refine your approach with it. However, before you try to seduce her, you will have to accept yourself.

2. accept yourself as you are

By learning to accept yourself, you can change the things that turn women off. The difference between the “you” who agrees to be honest to himself and the “you” who refuses to hide his face is that the latter will continue to hide behind the disillusionment that he will end up with. find the woman of his life. Oh no, because he never found the answer to the following questions: “Why is it difficult for me to find the perfect woman?” “, ” I think I’m ugly ? “,” I’m not attractive at all? “,” Can’t I make a girl laugh? “…

3. Make the projects that are dear to you

Why is it essential to realize your dreams to find the woman of your life? Just because it matters to you, and a man who has passion becomes passionate, and in the eyes of a woman, there is nothing attractive than a hot guy… So be first the man of your dream. If you want to become a guitarist, you might as well learn to play the guitar today, if you love hiking in the mountains, go for a weekend in the Alps, maybe she’ll be waiting for you there. , And so on…

4. take care of your image

To have the girl you wanted, it is not enough to have a lot of self-confidence on the inside, you also have to be on the outside. So, you will also have to take care of your appearance to please others, and especially the chick you covet. Therefore, you will have to clear all the desirability of the man that you are. To become one, you will have to attract him by your outfits, your gestures, your language, your look …

5.Define the profile of your ideal girl

It is important to define the profile of your ideal girl, so that you know what you are really looking for. Funny, serious, maternal, feminine, intelligent… so many character traits that will help you refine your quest for true love. So you can also know your expectations. What makes you fall for your future girlfriend the most: her hair or her lips? Do you mind if they wear glasses, if she is always in a skirt or pants …?

6.Multiply going out to places you like

You will have a better chance of finding the love of your life if you go out to places you like, places that are familiar to you. Especially since such places boost your “self-assurance”, and you will no longer be afraid to approach a beautiful stranger. You might as well take the opportunity to talk about your passion … in short, all the subjects that fascinate you. Obviously, ideas for conversations will not be lacking when you recognize yourself in these places that you find pleasant.

7. stop showing off

An irresistible man is one who does not show off. If you do this, know that the girls will think you have a problem. If you are stressed, control yourself by smiling for example. Moreover, it is the best way to find inner well-being. Besides, the smile gives charm, so you become more attractive if you give off a happy air. More alive and more dynamic, you will no longer be afraid to chat with beautiful women, you will feel good … in short, you become a desirable guy.

8.Cultivate your desire for women

To find the right muse, it is not enough that you like it, you must also desire it. This desire will help you see clearly in your quest for true love. With her by your side, you’ll be the man you always want to be, you’ll be comfortable, and you’ll be natural. So, you will love to spend time with this woman so desired that you don’t want to leave her anymore. Continue to be this fascinating and dynamic man, not forgetting to cultivate your desire for your beloved, and you will always be happy and proud of yourself.