8 Signs He’s About To Break Up With You

Is your man blowing hot and cold with you?

Is he acting strange?

Are you worried he’s going to leave you?

Here are 9 ways to know for sure.

When you hook up with a guy you really like, you never want to think of him breaking your heart and dump you, but recently you’ve been getting really weird vibes and your guy isn’t acting the same way.

Does he have a problem?

Does he have another girlfriend?

Is he about to break up with you?

My goodness, your mind is going crazy and you don’t know what to think and there’s no way you can just go out and ask him, what if it’s not true?

Here are some signs that he might be about to break up with you.

1. He’s Making Excuses For Not Spending Time With You

Before you start rushing in and go out and throw him out before he leaves you, take into consideration that if this is the only sign he may have some urgent issues he needs to take care of and just can’t talk about them just yet.

Do you hardly ever spend more time with your partner?

When you call, does he just not answer the phone, or when he does, do you hear a distinct noise that indicates he’s socializing elsewhere?

Remember that guys also need time with other guys – like you, they like to hang out with their friends, but if this is happening often and he gives up all commitments to you to go out with guys, then this could be the precedent for a breakup.

2. He’s Not So Loving Anymore

You’ve definitely noticed that he’s not as affectionate anymore.

Before he held your hand in public and wasn’t afraid to kiss you on the street when you went to work or maybe when you try to approach him, he always finds a way to back off.

If he no longer wants to approach you in public and in private, this could be a sign that he no longer wants to be in a relationship and is trying to send you a subtle message.

3. He Answers Calls Privately

Before he had no problem answering every call in front of him, related to work, his mother, or his best friend, it didn’t matter.

Lately, the phone has been ringing loudly and every time it rings, he leaves the room to talk to whoever is on the other end.

When you ask who he is, he replies that he is work-related.

Secret phone calls, lots of text messages, and messages are not good signs and could mean he is about to leave you; not only that, it could be a sign that he’s having an affair – why else does he always have to talk in private?

4. He’s Too Busy For You

Excuses, excuses, excuses… he has them all.

Work meetings, birthday engagements, sick dog, you name it and he has it.

He’s suddenly very busy and when you talk to his colleague he mentions that the office is very quiet… warning bells should be ringing and this might be his way of avoiding you and not wanting to be with you anymore.

This might be the coward’s way of wanting to end it.

5. He Doesn’t Call Anymore

He used to call you a lot.

He would call you at night to check in and wish you sweet dreams, but these days he doesn’t answer his phone and you find yourself in the position of calling him all the time.

He hasn’t lost his phone – that’s ridiculous because these days there are so many other ways to let you know.

If he suddenly hides and doesn’t bother calling even when you’re sick, he may end the relationship.

6. He Casts His Work

Guys can be pretty gutless when it comes to breaking up with girlfriends; if guys feel like the relationship is going down the drain, they tend to take on a lot more tasks and responsibilities than usual to try and avoid the situation.

When he doesn’t have to be at work and chooses to go there voluntarily instead of spending some valuable time with you, you should know that there’s something going on and your relationship is troubled.

7. Conversations Have No Substance

When the relationship was stronger, you had all kinds of intimate conversations.

You’ve shared secrets, talked about friends and families, talking about your goals and possibly even your future.

Now you’re both struggling to talk, and he prefers to keep conversations more neutral and generic, like talking about the weather or work.

These aren’t intimate topics and maybe his way of trying to distance himself from you to prepare for a breakup.

8. He Doesn’t Invite You Out With His Friends Anymore

When you and your boyfriend first got together, he was eager to show you off.

His friends hit it off with you and you even went out on several couples nights out.

These engagements still happen, but the big difference is that he doesn’t want you there anymore, so he just doesn’t invite you anymore.

You’ll notice that he prefers to have a lot more ‘nights out with friends’ and activities that don’t involve you.

This can be a way of disconnecting you from his social circle so that he has the full support of his friends when he breaks up with you.

These are just some of the more common signs men show when they are about to break a woman’s heart and get rid of her.

As horrible as you may be feeling right now, try to get to the root of the problem and communicate with him, and if you can’t get through to him and he’s not opening up, then you should ask yourself if you want to continue dating a guy. who just won’t grow up and act like an adult.