8 Signs He’s Willing To Commit, But Is Terrified

Reading the signs can be quite difficult and confusing.

We know you don’t want to misunderstand them, so pay close attention and find out if he wants to commit!

Do you like him?

He likes you.

You want to have a serious relationship with him.

He doesn’t feel the same way… and it hurts.


This happens to the adults around you and I, at least based on my personal experience, can tell you that it’s not a situation you’d want to be in.

When he doesn’t want to commit, despite his obvious feelings for you, your heart doesn’t just break.

It can be blown to smithereens you’d think it’s impossible to make it whole again.

If you didn’t go through this painful situation, good for you.

Learn from others’ mistakes so you don’t waste time on an immature guy who just wants to have fun, but runs away when you talk about the serious side of life.

On the other hand, if you’re currently with a man who is obviously into you, but you can’t quite figure out if he’s willing to commit or not, here are the signs that indicate he likes you a lot but isn’t. ready for a serious relationship yet.

1. He Was Seriously Wounded In The Past

And because of that, he can’t help but continually repeat how much he doesn’t want to have to go through the same agonizing anguish again.

He says this not because he thinks you are a heartbreaker, but because he likes you but is not yet ready to commit to you due to his painful past.

Hope he gets over it first.

Wait for him to heal and learn to trust again.

You wouldn’t want to be with someone who is clearly addicted to their ex.

2. He’s Sending Confusing Signals

When you’re together, he treats you like you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.

He makes you happier, even with the smallest things you do.

However, when you break up, it’s as if he hasn’t made any of the sweetest gestures that have left you baffled.

It even disappears on you for a few days, leaving you wondering if you’ve ever done something wrong.

You did not.

He might be confused, so he’s taking time off, or he might be afraid of falling.

Whatever the reason for sending mixed signals, know that you should never blame yourself for what he’s doing.

If he’s not ready to commit, be damned.

3. You Haven’t Met His Parents

You know they exist because he talks about them every now and then.

You know he’ll visit them when he can, but he never asks you to join him so he can be formally introduced.

He suggests taking her to a family event or two because he “wants to show you off,” but he never gets around to it.

This is because while he is into you, he may be thinking that being introduced to his family indicates that you are taking your relationship to the next level.

And he might not be ready for that kind of commitment just yet.

4. He Wants To Keep Things “Light”

Ever heard him say he wants to keep things light with you?

I know at one point, you were like, “What the hell does that mean?” for yourself.

Here’s the reality: it means he likes you.

He enjoys your company and wants you to be around when it’s convenient for him.

But when life happens to him, you, or both at the same time, he wants to deal with it alone.

He’s not ready for the “We’re in this together” mantra yet.

What is the reason behind your reluctance to commit?

You have to find out.

5. He Doesn’t Care About Labels

Well, he’s not as obsessed, at least not as obsessed as you are.

For him, what matters is that you are together and happy with what you have and where you are.

Yes, he may not have called you his “girlfriend” and he may not have referred to himself as your “boyfriend”, but that doesn’t mean the way he values ​​you has changed.

He may just not be ready to commit to the heavy and serious responsibilities that come with the label, but that doesn’t mean he would care less about you.

So don’t start sweating.

He will get there.

6. He Communicates Constantly And Distances Himself Later

He texts and calls from morning to night.

He checks on you just to make sure you’re okay.

When you thank him for his effort and consistency, he’ll try to play it cool and act like what he’s doing is no big deal.

If you observe him behaving this way, you can be sure he wants to commit to you, but he’s just afraid.

Make him feel like he’s appreciated anyway.

7. He Gets Jealous

Have you ever noticed that he gets jealous when someone hits you and you hit him back playfully?

If he feels jealous when you’re flirting and playing with the opposite gender when he’s around, it’s another sign that he wants to commit but is just afraid.

Try calling him that and see how he would react.

If he plays it cool and acts like it doesn’t really bother him and says you can do whatever you want, it’s him saying he wants to commit but is terrified.

8. He Pushes You Away And Then Pulls You Back

He knows he wants nothing in his life but you.

He’s terrified of the idea that he ends up being so romantic that he drops you on the floor and then walks away.

It can be quite confusing and frustrating at the same time, but that’s how it is if you’re with a man who wants to commit but is terrified of the changes that come with a serious commitment.

If you see any of these telltale signs in your man, know that he’s not afraid to commit.

A big part of him wants to commit to you because he’s into you.

He sees you as someone he can spend the rest of his life with.

However, because of what happened to him in the past, a small part of him is still reluctant.

Now, if you really love him, give him the time and space he needs so he can fully commit to you with a willing heart.

For sure, he just needs a little push, so give him that and be there for him no matter what.

Good luck!