8 signs that you’re about to find love

There are moments in your life when you are more or less able to live a beautiful love story. Here are 8 clues to help you determine if it’s the right time for you to find true love!

Come on, don’t lie to each other. We may multiply the false conquests by dragging on Tinder, shouting loudly that we no longer believe, that love is dead and that besides it is so much the better because we have none wanted Prince Charming because basically, we remain haunted by this question: when will I find the love of my life? As with everything, there is a question of timing in love: there are times when you are actually not available to live a lasting story. Here are 8 little clues that can help you determine if you are about to find the gem.

1- You get to be carefree and playful

As a child, we understand the world by playing: this is how we wake up, give meaning to what surrounds us and connect with others. We too often forget, unfortunately, that this need to play and explore others through play remains paramount here, even if we have stored our boxes of stuffed toys for a long time and now the Barbies skinny plastic blondes on a human scale, we hate it and spit on it at the coffee break. One of the most important and beautiful things there is in every adult is the child who survives it. For a stable and long-term relationship, you must keep this childish part which allows you, in fact, to connect with the other, to create a strong bond with him and therefore to build a strong bond. Your carelessness and your joy are invaluable helpers: if at the moment, you feel like a child’s soul, great love may not be far away!

2. You are curious and open

You will find it difficult to find love if you are closed in on yourself. There are times in our life when we can’t stand going out, talking to strangers and being interested in others: we just want to stay at home, overdose on series and take hot scented baths. If, on the contrary, at this moment you feel full of energy, that you want to discover the world, to discover others, and that you are curious about everything and everyone, be careful: you are probably about to experience a great story.

3. You worked on yourself

One of the biggest mistakes made in love is to take your partner for a “miracle cure”, responsible for healing you from all your old wounds and getting rid of all your neuroses. To be in a long-term lasting relationship, you have to work on yourself to overcome emotional dysfunctions alone: ​​it is not livable for a couple to spend their time licking each other’s wounds … These feelings, which have become reflexes conditioned by a previous emotional trauma, cause excessive and irrational reactions that significantly harm a couple. Your partner is neither a comforter nor a bandage. To be able to live a beautiful love story, you must have worked on yourself, in order to be ready to love someone for what he is and not for the feeling of security it gives you… You can only find great love if you have accepted introspection and taken your share of the responsibility for the failures you have suffered.

4. You know who you are and where you are going

If your life seems empty and dull, that you do not know what you want to do or what makes you dream, there is a good chance that you will seek satisfaction in the other since you can not find it in you. Ultimately, it is dangerous for a long relationship because you risk being defined by your partner, which is unhealthy and reductive for you and for him. It is a major obstacle in many love stories: the other becomes a lifeline; it’s really stuffy. If you have found what you love to do in life, have set goals and have specific ambitions, you will be better able to have a lasting and solid relationship, and therefore find great love.

5. You are fulfilled in all your relationships

To find love, you must have found your balance. Poor relationships with your family, friends, or colleagues are the sign of a latent problem that you cannot solve and that resurfaces in spite of you – and probably without you understanding why – in all your relationships. And your hypothetical couple would not escape it. On the contrary, peaceful and harmonious relationships show that you are mentally in tune with yourself and that you manage to connect with others successfully: you are ready for a lasting love story. So yes, make fun of it, but your relationship with the good looks with your aunt Mireille who, however, always rambles on is a clue that shows that you will fall on the man of your life.

6. You accept your faults

To live the love of solid and lasting history, you have to love yourself. Of course, it is not said that you must love yourself inordinately to find the man of your life or that you must be in awe of your cellulite. But you must have learned to see your qualities and accept your faults. It is by accepting yourself that you will be able to truly love someone for what they are and not for the image they send of you and we can get tired of a reflection of ourselves, but not of a person we absolutely love and disinterested.

7. You are no longer afraid to commit.

Before in a relationship, you were the type to panic if he told you about the birthday of his best friend he would like to take you to, three weeks later. You were afraid to project yourself, to imagine your life with someone. The idea of ​​having to buy a guinea pig or an apartment with someone terrorized you! But recently, you find yourself waiting for the future with serenity. You are no longer afraid of long-term projects or of making concrete commitments: on the contrary, you even want them. Projecting yourself in time is a sign of adequacy with yourself, it means that you have found your stability: it is essential to succeed in a lasting story.

8. You have learned to assert yourself.

Compromises yes, always. The couple is a work in two perfectly illustrated by the fable of the Fountain on the old oak and the reed: it is by remaining flexible that you win, by remaining too firm on your positions that it breaks. But you should not have to make sacrifices against your will for the other. Being able to align your choices and not subject them to the other, by showing acceptance and patience, is essential to consider staying with someone for a long time. The couple must be a space where dialogue is always possible and fluid: it is by communicating that you can succeed in advancing as a couple without having to maim one of a couple to keep it going. For this, you must have learned to assert yourself and to state clearly what you want and what you dislike. Knowing how to assert yourself is to show maturity, and it is absolutely essential to make a couple, work. For a harmonious relationship, you need to know who you are to be able to set limits: this is only how you can live the story of your life in a healthy and balanced way, without it turning into a nightmare…