8 signs that you’ve found true love

You see it in movies and on TV, and you hear about it all the time in songs. But what exactly is true love? And how do you know if you found it?

What exactly is true love?

True love is a feeling of inflexible, unshakable, incomparable, and intense passion and devotion for a person.

It is a connection that goes beyond mere physical attraction and includes an emotional and spiritual connection.

Simply put, it’s such a strong feeling towards a person that it’s almost impossible to imagine life without that person.

How do you know if what you are experiencing is true love or just a short-lived desire or passion?

8 unmistakable signs:

1. You care about him wholeheartedly

In both good and bad times, you and your man are the winners. You trust yourself and do anything to feel loved.

When you find true love, there are no clauses to chain you. You love him from the bottom of your heart, even when he’s cranky or when he’s not in top shape.

Why? Because you know that your couple has something special.

2. You like Him for who He is

When you find true love, you have no desire to change it.

You are proud of who it is, and you never worry when you present it to your friends or loved ones. In fact, you even like it because it makes you realize that you have found a gem.

You don’t compare him to others and you don’t want him to be more like the boyfriend of one of your friends. You love everything, even its faults!

3. You are not afraid to really be yourself

True love is said to break down the walls of emotional, mental, and even spiritual protection.

This means that when you have found true love, you will want to share yourself entirely with your man.

You won’t worry about impressing her or winning her heart, and you won’t need to think before you speak or act.

Of course, this does not mean that you can say what you want when you want, but rather that you can be yourself, quite simply, without thinking about every word you say and every movement you make.

And even better, once you let it enter your world, you will have someone to share all your funny thoughts and ideas, dreams, and goals with.

4. You keep your word

Not only do you think what you say and say what you think, but when you make a promise to your man, you keep your word.

In fact, the idea of ​​dropping it is just as devastating to you as an apocalypse.

Even if you know that he will never know the truth, the idea of ​​lying or betraying him is unthinkable for you.

Why? Because your moral conscience is too strong when it concerns it, to the point where the idea of ​​dropping it also means dropping yourself.

If you have this feeling, then what you feel is true love.

5. You respect each other completely

When you find true love, you have a relationship in which you respect each other to the fullest.

This does not mean that you agree on everything, but rather that when you are not completely in agreement, you act in a mature and courteous manner.

You don’t insult yourself, don’t belittle yourself, and don’t belittle each other’s opinions. You care too much for each other.

Rather, you learn to “argue” in a constructive and kind manner. After all, you don’t want to be the reason your lover is feeling bad.

6. His happiness feeds you and vice versa

This does not mean that you depend on each other to be happy, but rather that seeing your happy lover makes you happy too.

Be careful with this point though, many people confuse the two.

Being able to marry the happiness of your lover and make it yours is a very special sign that you have found true love.

Why? Because it means that his happiness and well-being are just as important to you as yours.

So if you feed on each other’s happiness, it is a sure sign that you have found someone remarkable.

7. You are ready to make sacrifices for your soul mate

This does not mean that you should give up all your dreams to adopt their own, but rather that you are each ready to make small sacrifices for the other. That’s what true love is.

Maybe that means ordering a vegetarian pizza because he doesn’t eat meat or going out with a friend you don’t particularly like.

But you do it because you know it’s important to him.

It is these little sacrifices that make the difference when we talk about love and relationships.

If you are both willing to make concessions to each other – concessions that you would not ordinarily make – then it is a sign that you have found true love .

8. You are a team

You know that you can count on the other to support you morally and to love yourself unconditionally.

You trust yourself completely and you can absolutely tell him everything, knowing that he won’t judge you. You are patient and kind, loving and forgiving. In other words, you are a dream team.

When you find true love, you no longer think only of yourself, but also of your partner.

Your future plans involve the other, and you take into account what the other wants and needs as much as what you want and what you need.

Think again, you don’t lose your own interests and your life. You simply want to be, in addition, part of those of the other.

That’s what true love is . Once you find it, hang on and adopt it, it’s rarer than we think.

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