8 signs to know if a man loves you

When we are in love we concentrate on showing everything we feel and we forget to ask ourselves something really important, does he love me?

This seems like a simple question, much like pulling petals from a daisy to find the answer, unfortunately in the end we realize that it is not as easy as it seemed.

Since all boys are different and show their feelings differently, or we insist on believing that if they love us just because we feel true love.

In this article I will share 8 signs to know if a man loves you, and thus be able to pay more attention to certain key points, these signs will help you to know the direction of your relationship.

Since it is not enough only that you love, you show and you do everything in the relationship, you must make sure that he also feels the same for you.

1.  Trust 

When a man really loves you he trusts you, that is, he does not need to call you every 5 minutes to know where you are, who you are with or what you are doing, his love for you gives him enough security to know that you are incapable of do improper.

He does not spy on your cell phone or question you when you go out, this of course when in the past there has been no event or fact that makes him distrust you.

It gives you the benefit of the doubt, when an unpleasant event occurs in which you could be “presumed guilty” he trusts you, believes in what you tell him and for him you are innocent until proven otherwise.

2.  He protects you 

For him the most important thing is your happiness and he is capable of doing anything to make you happy.

The man who loved you protects you from guys who disrespect you on the street, invites you to places where he knows you are safe, never lets you go home alone, always accompanies you and even stays outside your apartment until he makes sure that You are safe and nothing bad can happen to you.

This person prevents you from going through bad or uncomfortable moments, he is unable to attend a meeting with you where he knows you will have a bad time.

Or where there are people who are not very kind to you, regardless of whether those people are even related to him, he can even protect himself from inclement weather.

The fact of protecting yourself does not focus only on you, it will protect all those people who are important to you in the same way as you.

But let’s face it, he has that kind of attention to your parents not because he loves them overnight and accepts them with their defects and virtues, he only does it for you.

Of course, as time goes by he takes appreciation for your family but this happens after a lot of coexistence, at first all that kindness that he squanders for your parents, friends and family, he only does it for you.

If your boy does not protect you in this way, before making a judgment and declaring that he does not love you because he does not protect you, you should make a little analysis about him because he does not behave in this way with you.

Women today are used to being very independent, and we believe that we are capable of solving any situation alone and in a certain way, today’s women can do anything.

However, it may be that this attitude is forcing your boy not to protect you since he perceives that you do not need care, so the next time he offers you your coat, take it and make him feel like your hero because you were dying of cold.

Soon you will see how he becomes the most chivalrous boy in the world with you.

3.  Provides you

This is not about an essentially economic issue, it is about the interest that he shows for you in each of his actions, that is, if when you need to pay something he pays for you, buys you what you need and is on the lookout for you in any respect is a good sign that he is in love with you.

Providing you does not only mean giving you money or complying with the previous aspect, a man who loves you gives you his most valuable resource that he has and this is his time.

All of us today lead an extremely busy life, however, for him you will always be his priority, no matter how busy he is, if he has a meeting, exam or if it is his mother’s birthday he always has a space available for you already that you are the most important person in his life.

When you love someone your only wish is to make him happy, you want to give him everything you have without receiving anything in return, you want to improve his life and you know that if he is happy you are too.

Believe it or not, this feeling of generosity is shared by both genders and ideally, it should be reciprocal in a relationship.

4.  Plan a future with you

When a man really loves you, you can surprise him with comments such as: “when we are old we are going to live in a big house”, “our daughter will be like that girl”, “when we get married I will not separate from you” etc.

If there is something that terrifies men, that is commitment, so if your boy, despite this, makes these types of comments it is because he really sees himself in the future with you and is willing to risk his freedom for a future with you. side.

5. He  involves you in his plans

A man who loves you involves you in his plans, since he does not conceive a reality in which you are not present.

He counts on you for each of his projects and includes you in decision-making because he understands that not only do you support him but that this feeling must be reciprocal and he tries to carry out his projects hand in hand with yours.

He wants to meet your whole family and is not afraid to live with them, on the contrary, he strives to be accepted and make a good impression. He wants to include himself in your life and your plans, so he makes an effort to know your passions and tries to create a connection with his own.

He is not afraid to introduce you to his whole family, he knows that you are the woman of his life and he wants his family to love you as he does.

6.  misses you

When a man really loves you, he wants to spend as much time as possible with you and you realize why he takes every opportunity to see you.

During his conversations, he usually shares with you his feelings, concerns and problems, which causes him to increase his confidence in you, he tries to make each moment special and unique, so when he is away from you he misses you and feels a great emptiness without you.

If he is the classic boy who after having seen you for hours calls you 2 hours after saying goodbye without a doubt you are driving that boy crazy.

A clear sign that someone misses you is that they like to remember experiences they had in the past, maybe you have already forgotten many of them, but they surprise you by telling you how much they liked being with you on that occasion.

At this point you should know how to differentiate between the feeling of missing someone and an unhealthy obsession that occurs when the other person no longer gives you your space or does not respect your freedom, remember that this is not love.

7.  He never gives up

He does everything he can to make the relationship work, and is deeply committed to you, when you really love someone you don’t leave him easily and fight for that person to the end and that is exactly what he does for you.

He supports you in each of your follies, it does not matter if he does not agree with many of them, what he wants is to see you happy and is willing to jump off the parachute, go camping, go rafting or climb mountains, he is with you in every moment.

8.  Makes you feel special

With each of his details he makes you feel special, he gives you his coat, opens the car door, lets you choose where to go to dinner, in short he behaves like a gentleman with you.

It doesn’t matter if there are hundreds of people around he will give you his maximum attention and will only have eyes for you.

He helps you when you need it, no matter how tired he comes from work, he checks the leaking key in your apartment, takes you to the doctor or medicine if you ask him to.